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Decision Making at the Top: The All-Star Sports Catalog Division Sample

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  • Pages 4
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    To make up one’s mind the class of action to be taken for bettering the cross functional communicating and coordination between the top determination shapers of All-Sport Catalog Division.

    Case Facts:

    Don Barrett. president of All- Star Sports Catalog Division. which dealt in catalog merchandising of athleticss goods. hired a adviser to analyze his staff’s strategic determination doing procedure. His aim was to better his organization’s ability to place and work the strengths of the division’s concerns and to acquire effectual cross-functional communicating and coordination out of his squad.

    The company had late shifted to a functional organisational construction and the General Managers. the former proprietors of acquired houses were appointed as Vice Presidents for each division.

    Don Barrett had a diverse squad of 12 members. who had the expertness every bit good as the values and civilization to drive the company successfully. It comprised of both senior every bit good as junior degree members with varied backgrounds like enterprisers. fiscal and strategic planning. human resource etc. Don Barrett’s squad found him to be a good hearer and willing to accept challenges.

    Their determination devising procedure consisted of two hr meetings on Mondays. where all the 13 members met and spent the first one hr discussing and reexamining issues. updating each other on cardinal undertakings and presentations about new programs. The 2nd half was spent on in-depth treatment of a peculiar subject. The phases of determination devising followed were bordering the job. placing the options. analysing the options. doing the pick and eventually signing the pick. For most determinations. a thorough analysis of the option was carried out.


    Apart from diverse backgrounds. the determination doing techniques of the squad were besides varied ; some relied on replete and experience. while the others used analytical attack for determination devising. Furthermore. their velocities of determination devising were besides different. The squad members could non link to each other and apart from bordering the job. the remainder of the stairss of determination devising was followed in subgroups dwelling largely of senior members with relevant experience to lend. Finally. for the last phase. signing the pick. the subgroup would show their recommendations to the staff at one of the hebdomadal meetings. The recommendation was so either accepted or alteration was suggested.

    Apart from this. though Barrett was unfastened to thoughts from his squad. all his squad members did non take part actively in the treatments. Furthermore. there was no policy to decide struggles and in such a instance the issue was taken offline. Barrett was a non confrontational and in instance of struggles. encouraged to take the dissension offline. To exceed it all. it was taking a long clip to get the better of some of the squad members’ associations to the concern units where they worked.

    The members felt that Don Barrett’s manner and the size of the group was a hinderance in the Decision Process.

    To better their determination procedure. the adviser suggested three options:

    1. Prosecute the staff in more “team oriented” attack to determination devising.

    2. Formally set up a smaller “top direction team” . consisting of merely three to four cardinal staff members. to chart the division’s strategic way.

    3. Fine tune the bing procedure by altering the group’s regulations and norms.

    Evaluation of the options given:

    1. Prosecute the staff in more “team oriented” attack to determination devising.

    By following this attack. all sub-groups and offline meetings would be eliminated. The squad would understand the principle for a peculiar and hence struggles would be minimized.

    However. the job of the group being excessively big will non be eliminated. and therefore the job of low engagement will still prevail.

    2. Formally set up a smaller “top direction team” . consisting of merely three to four cardinal staff members. to chart the division’s strategic way.

    Here the job of big group is eliminated but a smaller top direction squad may suppress the integrating and committedness of the organisation as cardinal directors would be left out of the determination procedure.

    3. Fine tune the bing procedure by altering the group’s regulations and norms.

    This looks like a plausible option. but it still does non work out the job of a big squad which the members are non able to manage.


    To hold a more efficient determination doing procedure at the top degree. All Star Sports Catalog Division ( ASC ) . needs to manage both its jobs. the size of the determination devising squad and the sub-grouping of the members. at the same time.

    Hence. for acquiring effectual cross-functional communicating and coordination among team members. the undermentioned suggestions are recommended:

    1. Retrenchment of the determination devising squad. Junior members who are already describing to some senior squad members should non be involved in the top determination procedure. ( Exhibit 1 )

    2. A transcript of the issues to be discussed at the meeting be made available to all the members good before the meeting is scheduled.

    3. A formal squad edifice workshop be arranged for the staying top determination shapers.


    1. The job of organizing subgroups is eliminated.

    2. Active engagement is encouraged as it’s a smaller squad now.

    3. The top determination doing squad now has more figure of senior members and they are the 1s who prefer working in squads.

    4. The clip required to take a determination is reduced as with a pre delivered bill of exchange. the members can come prepared with their suggestions therefore extinguishing the measure of bordering the job and cut downing the clip required for placing options.

    5. The squad size has non been well reduced therefore there is still adequate engagement from all the domains of the organisation.

    6. The squad edifice exercisings will assist the members to acquire to cognize each other and be more comfy around each other. This will non merely increase active engagement but besides do them understand each other better.

    7. The seniors’ outlooks don’t alteration so often so the procedure is smoother.

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