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Definition of Fear

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Where I come from fear isn’t a word you hear very often. When used to describe one’s self it is rarely used in conversation. Fear of you, fear of me, fear to be and fear to dream. These are the true feelings of my people or shall I say people dealing with reality. One may say “I ain’t never scared “, whatever those are the ones with the most freights. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.

As a psychology major I have always had a passion for the feelings of others. Why you may ask? Seeing the agony of a family strengths and weakness brought me to the realization that everyone has problems that are just solved differently. Fear of judgment ,fear of isolation, fear of idolism just to name a few reasons why people don’t express their true feelings .

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Definition of Fear
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Basically fear is an enabler that prevents success.

Fear is a four letter word structured with so much power ,enough power to incarcerate the heartless criminals, enough power to shut down the biggest movements, end the longest most depressing wars and make the most stubborn countries surrender. Fear the sister of being afraid, freight and also scared so closely bonded can alternate positions in sentence structures to deliberately substitute each other.

Fear is and can also be such a dangerous word it can create and start the most long and disturbing wars, also encourage massive, destructive movements and also construct the most corrupted leaders and form indestructible dictatorships. Fear is the reason also there is communism. The army fearing the people of Korea or Koreans would get out of hand. Fear of this, fear of that, fear of everything and everyone how about that. What if the world we know today was filled with people who fear everything and everyone? You may wonder this world might be something of a utopia character. Who is to say? Who isn’t to say?

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