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Fear of failure

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The Alchemist has been an impressive read throughout. It is simple written but it is appealing. Probably that is one reason that it is one the best sold books of modern times.

As far as my personal agreement or disagreement with the passage written by the author is concerned, I whole heartedly agree with him. I am in total agreement with this passage in letter and spirit.

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Fear of failure
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“People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams…” I have observed this thing in so many people around me.

They just tell that I wanted to be this or that. I wanted to do this thing or that thing. But they just don’t. Reason? I have found that somehow they underestimate  their potential and tend to overestimate the difficulty of getting their dreams. Why this comes to the mind of these people? Honestly speaking I failed to figure it out.

I was just normal kid. I was never the greatest of athletes.

I always wished to be the best runner when I was kid but I never really tried for it. Worse of all, I never even thought in my dreams that I could be a best runner. I always had a great fear of loosing and feeling the shame in advance of loosing among so many onlookers. I preferred to sit outside and see others running. I never felt like how it would be for me to go out and compete in the middle. But then once I did. Because of my limited natural talent, I could not win the race but I was not the worse too.

Never in my life I felt so proud of loosing. That loss was a win  indeed because I defeated my fear. The fear that made me remain away from the heat of the moment for so long.

My experience tells me that  it’s the taking part in events that life has to offer is much more important than the result. It’s the process that improves you and satisfies your soul regardless of  result.

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