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Hewlett-Packard Company is one of the universes largest information and engineering companies. It was founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in 1939. Both of them established Hewlett-Packard ( HP ) in Packard ‘s garage which located in Palo Alto, California, USA.

First and the foremost, HP is a universe ‘ prima Personal computer maker. The creative activity of these new engineerings had brings us a more meaningful impact for the community. This company had offered many merchandises, engineerings, package, solution and service for clients, little and average size of concerns ( SMBs ) and big endeavors which encompass those clients in the instruction, authorities and wellness sectors. Besides, HP besides celebrated in fabrication and developing computing machines, informations storage, networking hardware and planing package and directing service. The major merchandise line for the company include those personal computer science devices, related storage devices, endeavor waiters and besides a figure of pressmans and other imaging which was related to the merchandises and services. Furthermore, the company besides makes their net incomes by markets their merchandises via on-line distribution, consumer-electronics and office-supply retail merchants to the family, little to medium size concern and endeavor.

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Planing procedure is really of import measure for HP Company in order to accomplish their end. They had clarified their strength, failing, chances and menace to reenforce their company every bit good. One of the schemes that used by the company is growing scheme. They expand their markets served and merchandises offered by absorbed other ‘s company technologies to heighten their ain merchandises. For illustration, HP has added a Palm and a Mobile runing which known as webOS to its electric device. These engineerings had brought HP merchandises become a much better and quality merchandises. Therefore, HP had successfully build an excess value comparison to others maker because they had cooperated with the popular branded talkers company which are ALTEC LANSING and BEATS studio.

Furthermore, they besides used some of the competitory scheme in their company to vie their concern with other organisation. For illustration, although HP Company has many rivals such as Acer, Dell, Asus and more, but they still can last until presents. One of the factors is because they have their ain competitory scheme among each of their organisation. Hence, this ground which had made the HP Company becomes a world-wide information and engineering company.


Definition of SWOT ANALYSIS

SWOT analysis is a most utile of concern analysis. SWOT analysis is an instrument for measuring an organisation and its environment. SWOT analysis is a normally used technique through which directors produce a speedy feeling of an organisation ‘s strategic state of affairs. SWOT analysis is the first measure of planning ; it helps directors to concentrate on cardinal issues. A SWOT studies and measures the influences of internal and external on the success of the “ capable ” of analysis. SWOT stands for strengths ( S ) , weaknesses ( W ) , chances ( O ) , and menaces ( T ) . In SWOT, strengths and failings are internal factors, chances and menaces are external factors. A good Swot can maximise a house ‘s strengths and chances ; and besides can minimise its failings and menaces.

SWOT Analysis of Hewlett-Packard Company

The HP or Hewlett-Packard Company is one of the biggest computing machine companies in the universe. In 1939, it was established by William Hewlett and David Packard. Hewlett-Packard Company delivers hardware, package, solutions and services. Hewlett Packard besides has a strong market place in the IT market.

The biggest rival of Hewlett-Packard Company is Dell Company. Hewlett-Packard wrested market leading from Dell Company in the planetary Personal computer market in 2006 and managed to prolong it in 2007.Higher market place in different market subdivisions increase the trade name image of the company and besides offers economic systems of graduated table in achieving. The company faces intense competition across all concern sections in footings of monetary value, trade name, quality, character, engineering, scope and distribution of their merchandises.

Strengths of HP Company

One of the strengths of HP is it has a strong market place. After HP and Compaq announced to amalgamation On September 3, 2001, HP became the universe ‘s most large computing machine hardware and peripheral company all around the universe. There have many benefits to HP being a big company such as taking places in market of IT services, direction package, Personal computers, storage and pressmans. Particularly printer market, 40 % market portion of HP proofed that its domination the planetary pressman market. This amalgamation besides helps HP made a high net income $ 87 Billion of Global Technology Leader. The other strength is that it provides its merchandises and service into more than 170 states including the undeveloped and the developed nations.A In 2008 HP is geting EDS Inc. The following strength of HP is ever holding first-class merchandises portfolio variegation.

Furthermore, in this decennary HP has been focused on the client service market. HP Enterprise Customer Services provides efficient, effectual services to clients all around the universe. For case HP Enterprise Customer Services holding Consumer Direct Service, Customer Engagement Management Services- Contact Central, Customer Engagement Management Services- Transformation and Warranty Service. This might profit to enroll, retain and honor client. .

Furthermore, HP in late old ages is performed on Environmental Programs to cut down the environment impact of its engineering merchandises. The Environmental Programs have include SmartWay, HP ‘s Eco Highlights Labeling system, Design for Environment ( DfE ) , HP ‘s Planet Partners Recycler Program, HP ‘s Hardware Return and Recycling Program, Change the World run, and Unlock your Energy. For case, HP ‘s Planet Partners Recycling Program is used to recycle printing supplies, computing machine equipment, batteries, and other points. Due to the plan above HP have provide HP ‘s computing machine take back service in some states such as United State, Canada, Brazil, Australia, most of the Europe states, some Asia Pacific and Latin America states. In 2010, HP successfully manufactured over 310 million HP LaserJet and ink cartridges that contained content from their “ closed-loop ” recycling procedure.

Furthermore, the other strength of HP is their concern civilization. They highlight invention ( Silicon Valley ‘s invention model- Top executives mingled with lower-level employees to detect fresh thoughts ) as a cardinal component of its concern civilization and as a driver of its success. HP put more attempt on research and development to design and development merchandises, solutions and services that foresee the market altering demands, desires, and emerging technological tendencies. HP Labs is one of their Corporate Investments section. HP besides passing a larger sum of fiscal program on the research and development than others rivals. For case, in financial 2011HP expenditures $ 3.3 billion for research and development.

Failings of HP Company

One of the failings of HP is high debt degree. In this decennary, HP has a high hazard of debt degree comparison to the others competitory company like Dell. From the HP debt to equity ratio informations shown that HP was reached the highest value 0.9292 in this July 31, 2012. Debt to equity ratio is a purchase ratio to bespeak the comparative sum of stockholders ‘ equity and debt used to finance a company ‘s belongings. It shows how the company has financed its belongings. A high debt equity ratio express that the company has been aggressive in their funding growing with debt and it consequences in volatile earning.

HP made incorrect make up one’s mind on acquisition for the company. In the first decennary of the millenary, HP had made some acquisitions like amalgamation with Compaq, Mercury Interactive, Electronic Data Systems Corp and more late, Autonomy, the endeavor package company. Since 2001 HP has been spent more than $ 67 billion on acquisitions, which data harmonizing to Jayson Noland, a Robert W. Baird and Company analyst. That was about dual HP current market value of $ 38 billion.A ” They buy at least a company a month, and they have struggled to acquire this right, ” Mr. Noland said. For illustration, in 2010 HP was purchased PalmA with $ 1.2 billion. One twelvemonth subsequently, HP announced to shut up its webOS device concern which is Palm ‘s Mobile operating system.

Opportunities of HP Company

Concentrating on emerging technologies-In this modern universe, Hewlett Packard Company has introduced new digital printing engineerings on the portion of its in writing humanistic disciplines offering. There is a full radio HP Photosmart pressman line-up. There are HP Indigo presses, HP Inkjet Web Press and HP Latex Inks. In 2010, Since Hewlett Packard launched this engineering, theirs gross revenues is quickly increasing because the digital printing engineerings are suited for pupils or officers utilizing. It besides provides the consumer to publish out the image and information in the less clip.

Developed imagination and printing solutions segments- Hewlett Packard has launched more 150 merchandises and services in the IT market. After that, Hewlett besides has created some strategic to buy rival and introduced new merchandises in the imaging solutions section. The imagination and printing solutions provides consumers to publish out and personalise their image. There are industrial applications, out-of-door signage and in writing humanistic disciplines. Hewlett Packard besides purchases Tabblo, Logoworks, MacDermid and ColorSpan as their acquisitions. After they purchased the rival, they would better theirs merchandises and services from the benefits of the acquisitions. The imagination and printing solutions scheme enter to the commercial markets from print services solutions to new growing chances in commercial printing and concentrating high-value pages in some parts.

Higher market place in the globe-There are many rival started to come in the IT market. In add-on, Hewlett Packard started to spread out theirs concern to other states, for illustrations, BRIC states. They set up many contact Centres in others states because they can easy command their merchandise lines and acquire closer to the consumer. In July 2008, Hewlett Packard, Intel Company and Yahoo produced a worldwide, multi-data Centre, unfastened beginning trial bed on cloud calculating survey and preparation. Cloud computer science is a new bringing theoretical account for IT services. The accomplishment of the undertakings is to take the fiscal and logistical job and construct up the relationship of fabrication, authorities and college. In this coming old ages, the turning demand for cloud computer science is expected to construct demand for HP ‘s solutions.

Menaces of HP Company

Higher competitory in the market share-The biggest rival of Hewlett Packard is Dell. In this few old ages, the gross revenues of Hewlett Packard are more than Dell. However, Hewlett Packard besides kept to the full to spread out theirs concern. Hewlett besides obtain the most up to day of the month company information available. In add-on, there are besides some rivals for illustration Toshiba, Lenova Group and Aver. This all rival in IT market competes in footings of quality, trade name, monetary value, engineering, repute, distribution and scope of merchandise. In add-on, the rivals besides face competition from local companies and from generically-branded or white box manufacturers.The printing and computer science markets are hyper-competitive. Some agile rival will offer lower monetary values than Hewlett Packard ; it will direct impact the gross revenues merchandises of Hewlett Packard.

Demands of Hewlett Packard decreases and Economic problem- Since many rivals enter to IT market, the gross revenues of Hewlett Packard Company started to diminish. Deficit of the merchandise gross revenues will do Hewlett Packard acquire low profitableness. Some predictors besides predict at that place have a lessening in the world-wide demand for some IT merchandises offered by Hewlett Packard Company. In add-on, there are many market sections has affected by the economic recession. It besides affected the information engineering. Not merely in the U.S has been affected, Hewlett Packard besides has experienced this diminution in its planetary markets. In 2009, worldwide disbursement of IT market besides decreased by 4 % and above.

Menaces of cloud computing-Cybercriminals ever are the first to capture the latest cyberspace invention. Cloud calculating besides becomes their chief mark. The menace lies in cybercriminal ‘s ability to perforate cloud suppliers ‘ webs and run bot-nets that can bring down devastation within a cloud service. So that, shared engineerings mean shared hazard. The greatest instance of shared engineerings used in cloud computer science is Virtualisation technologies. It provides multiple companies to portions assets and information across a piece of hardware, thereby diminish the costs. Unfortunately, it besides become a manner of informations can acquire into the incorrect manus.


A. In May, 2002, Hewlett-Packard amalgamation with Compaq Computer Corporation to increase their plus and so on May, 2008 HP take acquisition of EDSA ( Electronic Data System ) . This acquisition leads to HP holding the combined grosss of 118.4 billion US dollars in 2008 and became rank 9 in Fortune 500 in 2009. At November 2009, HP announced that they had purchase 3Com Inc. This acquisition said to be big in term of coup d’etats and acquisitions of engineering giants to assist them go one-stop series stores. After that, in 2010, HP won in a command war for 3PAR Inc. which their rival declined to fit. 3PAR Inc. is a maker of systems and package for informations storage and information direction. This maker helps HP develop and modify their IT merchandises. In the same twelvemonth, HP announced the buyout ofA Palm Inc. The Palm Inc. originally was offering by HTC, Dell, RIM and HP. Finally, HP won the command by utilizing 1.2A billion in hard currency and debt. This add-on of Palm brings HP library of valuable patents such as the webOS runing platform and it besides. This operating platform has enable HP to develop tablet devices. HP TouchPad, HP foremost developed tablet had launched at 1 July 2011. This TouchPad is utilizing the webOS as the operating platform and tablet had been said that “ it works attractively, and conveys far more information than the iPad 2, ” in the magazine of The New York Times. This tablet had brought a new challenge to Apple ‘s merchandise.

B. Harmonizing to the one-year fiscal studies of HP, their net income diminution 31 % in the 2nd one-fourth of 2012. The diminution of the net income is because of the growth of the tablet and smart phones or others nomadic devices. HP has limited types or series of merchandise and their merchandise is less creativeness due to their stableness scheme. Their gross revenues will continuous to drop if they still do non develop and establish some new merchandises. Somehow, their chief rivals – Samsung electronics will replace their topographic points in the computing machine industry andA Greenpeace ‘s Guide. This 2 list ranks the electronics makers harmonizing to their policies on sustainability, energy and clime and green merchandises. Samsung electronics grows quickly and they develop their merchandise in a really vigorous velocity, for illustration their smart phones Galaxy S2 and SIII. Samsung has besides established a outstanding place in theA tabletA market, by release theA Android-poweredA Samsung Galaxy Tab. Furthermore, today, the stuff monetary values become unstable all the times, HP would confront the job that ‘s they need to buy expensive stuff to fabricate their merchandises. Once they utilizing more expensive stuff to fabricate their merchandise, they will be forced to tag up their merchandises monetary values in order to cover back their cost as good. They would confronting their market portion would be lessening and their gross revenues will be lessenings besides, they will non doing many net income and at last they would confront their company traveling insolvents like Nokia now.

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