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Marketing and Budweiser Brand

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{draw:g} Analysis of Budweiser and Recommendations SWOT Analysis: Based on the facts of the case we shall do a SWOT analysis of the Budweiser brand. Strength: The Budweiser brand has a strong presence in markets outside India. Brand visibility is high and people associate it easily with Football. The ability to create buzz at the launch being high, launch is easier compared to other local brands that have a need to create brand recognition. We can also say that the brand recollection for Budweiser is high.

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Marketing and Budweiser Brand
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Also since they have adequate funding from outside India they are not constrained by budgets as far as marketing strategy is concerned. India has mostly premium and standard brands, but hardly any economy brands available. This is primarily due to the heavy taxes and duties on imported beer which increases its price. Still due to high recognition for foreign liquor urban consumers prefer the well known premium brands to standard brands. Ansoff Matrix The above Ansoff matrix has been prepared for the company Anheuser- Busch that owns the flagship brand Budweiser.

Recommendations based on the same are: Market Penetration: Currently Budweiser has a presence only in the four southern states of Goa, Maharashtra, AP and Karnataka. The company should increase its share slowly in these markets by more promotion and increased expenditure on sponsorship of events in these states. New Markets: Currently Budweiser is available in only 4 out of the 28 States in India. Barring Gujarat there is a scope for new market development across all these states. The only thing that is a barrier to availability across the northern and eastern states is that there is a single brewery in AP.

Hence, there is a need to put up another brewery that takes care of the northern and eastern region. Diversification: Launching other brands like Michelob that is sold by Anheuser-Busch elsewhere would ensure that the business is diversified in India. Once the Budweiser brand gained sufficient market share in India it would ensure increase profits. Source: http://www. scribd. com/doc/231372/Some-Recent-Experiments-in-Creative-Pricing-Strategies http://economictimes. indiatimes. com/articleshow/2703509. cms http://www. wayeonline. org/facts. htm

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