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Describe a Significant Experience That Changed the Way You View the World

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  • Pages 4
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    When I was a 13 years old, I was leaving my country the Philippines. I was excited but also anxious at the same time. As I prepared my luggage, I felt a very strange emotions and feelings not knowing what it will be like to go into another place where everything is completely distinct and diverse. It felt like I was a fresh born baby that needed to be nourish from the start once more and then embarks on a new journey for my own life. As we got to the airport, it was at night and it was raining that day. The weather matched the scene perfectly like in the movies when it shows someone saying goodbye to loved ones.

    When that precious moment to say farewell to my beloved family, I went to them and hugged each one because I knew I will yearn for all of them. When I arrived here in the United States, it felt like falling into a roaring stream without any swimming skills. Dog paddling, panting, and swallowing gallons on the way, learned to keep myself afloat and gradually gained experience. I learned so many things and my knowledge about the world expanded widely. Back in the Philippines, I was a laidback person and didn’t care about anything but to have fun with my friends.

    But when I moved here, things turned upside down. I became more focused on my goals and reached for what I desire to pursue in my life. Moving to this country caused me to grow, mature, and made me into a better person. There were many obstacles and challenges that I had to surmount when I first came here. I had to adjust to the new society like school, making friends, overcoming the fear of being shy, and especially the challenge of learning a new language. I was in 7th grade when I first started going to school here in this new country.

    It was nerve wrecking when I entered the classroom filled with various students. I was afraid of how those students will treat me because of the way I looked and the way I spoke to them. I was able to adjust rapidly with my school works due to the fact that my classes that I took back in my country were more advance than school here in the United States. The work was effortless but I was still motivated and was eager to learn so I push myself to study, read innumerable books, and go home straight to do my home work every after school.

    My education became my priority and it paid off at the end of each quarter whenever I receive an honor roll. Before then, I always thought negative first and put myself down every time so, it was arduous for me to achieve something or to strive. I was constantly anxious about making friends and believed that they would always ignore me or perhaps mistreat me but, it was all just in my head. I only had one best friend in my country and he was loyal. I was either bullied frequently by the rest by my other classmates or isolated from them so I was petrified to make friends.

    Here in America, my classmates were actually compassionate and amiable. Then it became easy for me to make friends because of basketball. They were astonished with my skills and athleticism in playing sports. Learning a new language was a rough journey for me that is why I was always conscious of speaking. When I converse and then blunders, people tend to find it amusing and they make jokes about my accent. I remember I always failed to speak in front of a crowd and was unable to present myself. The nervousness always struck me first and forgot what I had to say.

    I never wanted this to happen so I practice speaking English at home to enhance the way I spoke the language. I realized as years passed by I was able to adapt and became accustomed to the language. All these years, I never expected to be the person as I am right now. These experiences had developed me to become a better individual. When I think about the first time I moved here, it always bring me back great memories of my childhood and what I’ve had accomplished. Moving here in America gave not only gave me a brighter future, but also great friends and became fluent in the language.

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