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KEF which the countless number of shops



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    Ever since I was little have enjoyed traveling a lot. I remember always asking my father to take me sightseeing or take me out on a place had not visited before. Of all the places I had visited there is one that has probably left the most lasting of impressions was my visit to Santos Island in Singapore. It was a theme park (the largest in Asia and one of the largest in the world). The name does speak for itself and yes it was an island. Singapore is a small country and about 1/ 10th of the country was the island itself. The park was so gig that you needed trains and busses to reach different ends of the park.

    The highlight of the park though was the rides. It is hard to point out any specific one since there were innumerable ones but my personal favorite was The Scary Mummy a roller coaster that gave me nightmares for a week. Another ride that particularly remember was well it was not a ride per SE but a laser show called Songs Of The Sea. Lasers were used to show the audience a Story about a princess and how happy she was in her kingdom, she had the ability to talk to animals and everyday she would sing with the birds and play with ears and squirrels.

    That story left a lasting impression on me and I tell about this show to almost everyone I know. The park although mainly composed of rides had other attractions that were doing really well. There were spas,hotels,restaurants and even playgrounds. The place was so massive that even an adult would have a hard time finding his way around the place always loved games too and there were so many games throughout that it took a long time before I could decide which ones would play, unfortunately could not play them all. These games gave away prizes if u won or employed the objectives.

    The prizes were pretty good too, teddy bears, toys of so many varieties, coupons, t-shirts they had them all. It would be a difficult ask for someone to tour the whole park within a single day. There was too much to see and do and a day was not enough think even two or three days would require a lot of hastiness, so for me having to finish the trip within a day was going to be difficult. Walking around the park I lost count of how many McDonald’s outlets I had seen. We did not have one in our country and yet that place seemed to have hundreds. We had breakfast in McDonald’s and for lunch we went to KEF which also had countless number of shops.

    The strangest thing was probably the fact that each shop was filled to its maximum capacity and yet there were not enough seats to accumulate everyone who wanted to grab a bite to eat. At night we had sea food which again had so many options to choose from. All the fishes were so fresh and lively that you could see them jumping around, of course these fishes were cooked before being served and they tasted exquisite. The thing which really assonated my parents and even me was the fact that the island had this beach. Singapore had this perfect weather that almost stayed constant throughout the year.

    This weather made the place even more fantastic and I spent a long time in the waters. There were activities such as scuba diving, water skating, yachting and even going under water using a submarine. The beach led to a planetarium that was probably one of the most beautiful looking buildings from the outside that I had ever seen. Inside there were over five thousand species of creatures that you could see. The planetarium also had this place inside where they performed a show where they used animals such as seals, dolphins and even few strange species of fish to do amazing tricks.

    The show lasted for about thirty minutes and was really fun to watch. I had never seen anything like this before and as a result really liked what I saw throughout the show. It has been over 3 years since I visited the island. However that is the most fun had in my whole life. The things I saw and did is truly beyond human imagination was about 16 or 17 years old at hat time but the place made me feel like a child entering a playground for the first time was mesmerism’s by the attractions and hypnotized by just being present in such a place.

    Every year I ask my parents if we can visit Santos Island or not. Know annoy them but the place was just so wonderful that it is almost impossible to resist. I honestly feel that words are not a effective enough tool to express the amazing experience I had. I sincerely hope that I can convince my parents to take me there again and as soon as possible because I am dying to the place that gave me the best experience of my life.

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