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My Favourite Movie

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To begin with, baseball is my favorite sport. Laded baseball and softball for many years as a kid and as a young man. So any movie about baseball is Of some interest to me. Not all sports movies are normally very good, but this is one is of the best. This movie is not just about baseball, but it is one of the main themes. It’s also about life in a small town and being strong enough to follow your dreams, no matter where they might lead you.

Also, Kevin Costner plays Ray Kindness, the main character in the movie. Besides being one of my favorite actors, he is also a very good baseball player. Most actors aren’t very good athletes, but Costner is an exception.

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My Favourite Movie
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He is an extraordinary athlete. He has portrayed a baseball player in two other movies. They are Bull Durham and For Love of the Game. These movies are very good, but, to me, they can’t compare to Field Of Dreams.

They just don’t have the magic that this one has. The other reason that I like this movie so much is that there are many moments in it that catch you off guard and make you feel really good. Several of these moments give me Goosebumps every time I watch the movie. It is the same feeling I get at the end of Lion King when Samba defeats Scar and then scenes Pride Rock to assume his rightful position.

It’s like; you know everything going to be okay for a while. There are many other reasons why I like this movie so much, but these are just the main ones. I don’t like this movie just because Cotter’s in it and baseball is one of its main themes, because the acting is great, the scenery is beautiful, the story is amazing, and the story that is taken leaves you surprised at times. I like it because it’s just such a great movie. As a matter of fact, many class fellows who watched it with me also like it. This just says that this movie is one of the best movies ever.

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