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Article Summary: Visual impression is equally important in a blog because the audience gets easily attracted to an eye-soothing web page. This post brings before you the essential elements that you should never miss while creating a blog in order to engage the readers. Blogging is becoming popular nowadays as more and more entrepreneurs and marketers are deciding to pen down their thoughts, opinions, and ideas online. A blog is a web page where an author writes regularly on various topics in a very casual or conversational tone in order to sway the readers and keep them engaged. Usually, the companies maintain a separate blog page on their websites where they keep posting articles related to their domain. Bloggers are enthusiastic writers keen on spreading knowledge across the globe through their blog. Though designing a blog page is pretty easy compared to the home page or landing page, but there are certain elements that are absolutely essential to make your blog look good and are easily navigable.

Here are several tips for you that will help you to create a successful blog. Customised Header – Footer To create a compelling blog you need to do something unique. Think about a theme that would suit your blog subjects and then design a perfect header & footer for the same. To personalise them you can use some of your brand elements like the logo, font, company slogan or tagline. Easy Navigation The navigation of your blog should be very easy for the visitors; otherwise, they would leave your website soon and find someone better. The users should get ultimate comfort while browsing your blog. For instance, the list of categories should not exceed 10 as this may confuse the readers. Search Bar A visitor comes to a blog to search for a particular piece of information that seems useful for him/her at that particular point of time. There is no point in making the readers confused and make them feel completely lost in a pool of knowledge.

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To help them find exactly what they are looking for in the first place keep a search bar that is easy to locate on the blog. Visitors find it really comfortable in searching for a specific content by using relevant keywords in the search bar. Social Share options or buttons : No blog is completely successful if its content is not shared or promoted on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Include all the social sharing icons below every post so that readers can get involved in your social network instantly and create a chain likewise.  Comment Box: This is equally important like the social sharing options because the readers feel wanted and welcomed when they are provided with an option to share their feedback on the comment box. Negative, or positive, both types of readers’ reviews are extremely essential for the growth of our blog.

Comments give way to improvements or alterations on the blog. Author Bio Section : Last but not least, a tiny section at the bottom of the page should be allotted for the Author to put down a short introduction. This will help in building a strong connection between the author and readers because visitors are always keen on knowing the person behind the words. This article clearly lends you some cool ideas on how to make your website blog eye-grabbing and engaging at the same time. But, if you still feel under-confident, then don’t worry. Wheelistic Web Design houses the coolest Web Designer in Florida who specialises in website designing including blog page. Contact them to get a rocking blog page. Author Bio: This article has been written by an eminent content writer having avid knowledge in graphics and website designing. The author also writes on branding, content marketing for

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