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Web Design and Design in General

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    Let’s first start by kind of defining the two fields. We’ll start with web design. I’m going to use a car analogy. A web designer would be the person who kind of decides the aesthetics of the car, what the car looks like, what the car looks like on the exterior, on the interior, how it feels, all of that stuff. The experienced, the ascetic. That’s a web designer. The web developer would be responsible for all of those internal kind of components like the engine and the transmission and all the other parts of the car that you don’t even realize you’re using when you’re using it. That’s the web developer. It makes it function, makes it move, makes it go, but just like an engine is useless without the car and the car itself is useless without the engine.

    If the two have to go together, inevitably they’re going to go together. They’re either going to be the same person, a web designer and developer, or they’re going to be working in the same team and they’re going to be utilizing each other’s strengths and skill sets to accomplish their goal. I’m going to first start by talking about design. So web design or design in general? Uh, the tools of the trade for designer are going to be aesthetic tools like photoshop or sketch interface design tools, user experience tools. But these would be the tools that affect the aesthetic of any sort of design, whether that’s print design, web design, product design, whatever it is. These are going to be the things that you can actually create things to look at.

    Okay, so visual tools, knowing how to use those tools and so, um, it’s important that you know, those tools. It’s important that not only do you know the tools but you know, some of the principles and the foundations of design. So we’re talking about color and space and line and form and all of those things. This is the realm of a designer, but, but yes, also web designers, web designers don’t need to know how to code. You can be. I know plenty of designers that are purely designers and they work at web agencies, marketing agencies, they do freelance and and they themselves do not code.

    But knowing what code is and how it kind of interacts will help kind of better designed for the medium. Does that make sense?
    Like, like knowing what’s possible and what’s not possible. So knowing you don’t have to code, but knowing some ideas about what’s possible, what’s not possible, what needs to be documented, what needs to be explained. That’s the, that’s the signs of a good web designer, web developers. And and all developers work with code, but web developer specifically I would say spend the majority of their time working with what’s called client side code.

    So client side languages like html, css, javascript, and there’s even some javascript frameworks like react or node or backbone working with those three. That’s the bread and butter of a web developer. Now a developer in general learns and speaks coding languages. So if you kind of drip into back end development, which a lot of web developers do, they would speak more server side languages like php or ruby and and all those different server side kind of technologies.

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