Drug Testing Should Not Be Mandatory for Public School Student Athletes

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Drug testing should not be mandatory for public school student athletes. Such mandatory tests in the public setting violate the students right to privacy. Students may feel very uncomfortable submitting a test that is very personal of themselves. Why should they submit such a test when they haven’t done anything wrong from the beginning? Students should only have to be drug tested if they show signs that they are under the influence of drugs. If they behave in an abnormal manor where they do not seem themselves such as being destructive or having different mood swings.

Athletes should not have to submit to drug testing for public schools if they have not given a very good and logical reason that would show they should take a test. Proponents argue that students who refuse to submit to drug testing should be kept from participation in school sponsored activities. However, if schools do not allow students to participate in school sponsored activities because they don’t feel comfortable submitting a drug test it would discourage them in sports and in their education.

This action would cause students to not want to participate in any of the activities the school has to offer and will cause their participation in the class setting to go down as well. If they lose their motivation to participate in class their grades will go down tremendously. Schools do need to monitor students actions and try to find ways to keep drugs out of their facilities. The schools can have assemblies to educate their students on the harmful causes of drugs so they wont want to use. However, making students submit to mandatory drug testing without reason should not be one of the ways to keep drugs out.

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