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Vaccination Should Not Be Mandatory

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    Due to Health Hazards in the USA . Also side effect that it can care when the the different kids and the races and furthermore the family history , can affect them and many more of their body that we haven’t discovered yet. According to Erika Garner-Spitzer, and Angelika Wagner ‘bout 2–10% of healthy individuals fail to mount antibody levels to routine vaccines’. So when that statement came about of know there mantorary for school and jobs but what if your body can’t handle that becasue of your immune system.

    Human beings have the right to bodily autonomy. They should be allowed to choose for themselves which medical services to pursue and what to put into their bodies. Mandatory vaccination violates that choice, even if it is supposedly toward a “good” end. If our legislators breach this boundary, citizens have no assurance that their bodies are safe from any other decision—implants, euthanasia, sterilization—that authority feels is for a greater “good.”

    Vaccinations do costs money. It costs thousands of dollars to vaccinate a single child. Alternatively, the costs of vaccine injury are extremely high in terms of both medical expense and emotional payout. The poor, who cannot or do not purchase medical insurance, or who have been affected by vaccine injury, are disproportionately burdened by a mandatory vaccination law. A mandate would force citizens to make a purchase goods from a monopoly. That is not freedom.

    Children are not born to governments, they are entrusted to parents who are responsible for raising and caring for them. Who loves an individual child more than his parents? Do teachers? Do doctors? Do legislators? Of course not! Due to diversity, one parent’s choices for his or her child may not look like another’s. But those differences do not mean a lack of love. Mandatory vaccination is an affront to love, the powerful love between parents and children. No one should be coerced to vaccinate oneself or one’s child for some supposed “greater good.” Rather, we should each be responsible for our own health and our own choices. When negative consequences may be involved on either side of a decision, a person has the right to choose to abstain from that action on behalf of their children.

    In addition, consumers are not normally informed of vaccination ingredients at their appointments. More will be said about individual ingredients below, but for now, let’s focus solely on one’s right to be informed about ingredients in general. When probed about ingredients, most nurses and doctors will say ingredients are “safe,” but the term “safe” is left unqualified, especially when one considers that even the package inserts admit that vaccination holds inherent risks. Also, many consumers would be shocked to discover that some vaccinations contain a live virus that the person intends to be protected against! St. Jude’s Hospital recommends that visitors who have been recently vaccinated avoid contact with their immuno-suppressed loved-one because of viral shedding. Vaccination is promoted as guaranteed protection against disease, yet several vaccines administered do not give that protection.

    Vaccinations are available for a wide variety of illnesses, not all of which are equal. Many vaccines have been formulated against illnesses which are only dangerous for the first few months of life. Some are created to protect against illnesses which are only contracted by risky behavior. You may have no risk factors for an illness, and yet be encouraged to be vaccinated against it. There is no good reason for this. Most illnesses for which vaccines are formulated are rarely deadly; but vaccine injury can be devastating.

    Risk-Factors for Childhood Vaccination Schedule according` to Neil Z. Miller explains in a scientific journal that while individual vaccines are studied to some extent, the entire vaccine schedule a whole has not been studied adequately. One vaccine might appear that is safe, but the co-administration of dozens of them injected over a few months or years has not been studied. By the age of 2 years old you already had 28 shots , that a lot of shots if you really think about it

    When getting the shot that you need , they can still damage your body why because we all have didffernt and more it its crazy to think about . But have you every just taken a seconf to look and maybe the person right in front of you never got vaccinated before and there fine and healthy and let’s say you got vaccine all your life and you get sick and stuff goes wrong So, no matter what feel like you can get sick with or without it and this is supposed to help for getting an infection or reducing the percentage of it. But study does show the increase and decrease , when we had the right materials and new things were getting discovered and all this but can we blame them it it doesn’t work on someone’s body because of what they might be caring or have within their body.

    The medical field here they study the vaccine and what they can do to your body and the symptoms they might carry.

    When it comes to the ones that we need and have to get for school then that’s fine , but it more like people or parents have problems when it the ones that we need or not mandatory or required for school or jobs.

    Vaccination protects against the illnesses in two main ways. First, a person being vaccinated is protected right , one because the vaccine stimulates his or her immune system to recognize the harmful bacteria or virus in the future and provide a protective response. This is the process of being “immunized.” Vaccines are developed to provide the benefits of immunization as effectively as possible to all people who receive them, while producing as few side effects as possible. However, just as people vary in the benefits they get from prescription medicines, people also are different in their immunity from vaccination. Many people get maximum benefit while some not as much. In addition, protection from vaccination can decrease over time. Doctors call this “waning immunity.”

    That’s what makes herd immunity — the second form of protection from vaccines — so important. Just as a herd of animals will form a protective circle around its most vulnerable members, herd immunity refers to how well immunized people in a community protect the less- or non immunized people in that same community. This is an extremely important benefit of vaccination programs, because not everyone can receive vaccines, for medical reasons, and because some people who have been vaccinated will not fully respond. When it comes to battling diseases, humans need the protection of herds, too.

    Finally, the committee found that evidence from assessments of health outcomes in potentially susceptible subpopulations of children who may have an increased risk of adverse reactions to vaccines (such as children with a family history of autoimmune disease or allergies or children born prematurely) was limited and is characterized by uncertainty about the definition of populations of interest and definitions of exposures and outcomes. Most children who experience an adverse reaction to immunization have a preexisting susceptibility. Some predispositions may be detectable prior to vaccination; others, at least with current technology and practice.

    In summary, to consider whether and how to study the safety and health outcomes of the entire childhood immunization schedule, the field needs valid and accepted metrics of the entire immunization schedule and clearer definitions of health outcomes linked to stakeholder concerns in rigorous research that will ensure validity and generalizability.

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