Developmental Differences in Children

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In today’s modern world getting a college education not only prepares you for today but also for your future and your families. With a college education, your understanding of the world and how it works digs deeper into your mind. The more knowledge and experience you have, the more opinions you form and the more you are willing to stand up to your rights. I want my children to see me as a role model for education, rights, and change. Hopefully watching me succeed will encourage them to follow in my footsteps of a college education.

My education will teach me many valuable skills that I can pass on to my children and family. For example, studying hard ND giving a hundred percent effort in their education will get them far in life; organization skills being important. All of these skills and knowledge that I gain will give us all a better lifestyle; earning more money means that I can give my children a better education, live in a better crime-free neighborhood, travel and experience the world and be satisfied and proud with my achievements.

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The education for both me and my family is the key to success and a brighter future. Getting a university degree opens the door to my success, as Maya Angelo one said “when you know better you do better’. A degree is very important, without t there are not many opportunities in life. Jobs will be limited and salaries will be on the lower pay scale, causing hardship. Also, the time it would take to move up the career ladder would be a lot longer and possibly more difficult without a college education.

Knowing the opportunities that are available gives me the motivation to succeed and push myself that extra mile. I want a better life, and a better job. A college education will empower me and give me the skills that I need to achieve my goal and start me in my chosen career. After dropping out of university to support my family, soon realized the importance of getting an education. After working long hours and giving so much to the company, I soon realized my work was not appreciated as much as my colleagues with degrees.

They quickly moved up the career ladder, while I remained in the same job. Even after four years of constant full time effort and work, I remain in the same position. For me, my job is just a job. I want to better myself and have a career that will take me further and further. I want to have the college education to help me achieve this and help me to be recognized for my hard work. Think that everyone needs a college education to better themselves and their uterus. It is one of those important parts of life that allow you to begin to see life in a different way.

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