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Sibling Rivalry: Good or Bad?


social institutions

Words: 495 (2 pages)

Sibling Rivalry: Good or Bad? “Younger siblings often compare themselves to their older siblings, who seem more skilled and accomplished, and feel discouraged by the seemingly insurmountable gap between them,” states David Halberstam in “Laney High.” This reflects a common experience among children in a family: sibling rivalry. While sibling rivalry may not always have…

Uniqueness of Ida B Wells



United States

Words: 798 (4 pages)

Ida B. Wells is seen to stand out among all other women who lived in her time. This is credited to her special character traits of being wise, courageous, responsible and vocal. These unique characteristics make her different from others. What makes someone to be termed as unusual? This question best introduces this write up…

Indigenous Culture: The Iroquois Kinship


Interpersonal Relationship



social institutions

Words: 569 (3 pages)

The Iroquois Indians are very interesting people to learn about. Their kinship is what helps makes their culture to survive over the years. The Iroquois are consider a food-producing culture. The family would each have a part of the “system” to help maintain the house, crops, family and etc. For example in upstate New York…

I was born in early June of 1988. My name was Whit



John Dewey


social institutions

Words: 603 (3 pages)

ney Nova OctaviaAdams. I was the child of a drug user. During visitations my birth motherwould get drunk, therefore in my infant life I was property of the state. The sixth child of her I was quite fortunate to be taken in by VioletPerkins. She was nice, and had help from everyone around her. My…

Out of Focus – Margaret Buffie





Words: 832 (4 pages)

Out Of Focus, a fictional novel written by Margaret Buffie, tells the story of Bernie Dodd, a teenager burdened with the responsibility of looking after her younger siblings due to their single mother, an irresponsible alcoholic named Celia. At the age of thirteen, Bernie expressed to her mother that she would only refer to her…

Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Resilience in Townie: A Memoir, a Book by Andre Dubus III





Words: 1654 (7 pages)

Throughout Andre Dubus III’s memoir Townie, the themes of forgiveness, reconciliation, and resilience are great driving forces that played huge roles in his personal development as his life progressed. Along with his personal growth, his relationships with his siblings and parents, and their behaviors also experienced significant changes over the course of time. Thus, the…

Hidden Value of The Incredibles 




Words: 1262 (6 pages)

In the era of superhero’s, a star of Pixar was born, The Incredibles. Mr. Incredible and his wife Elastigirl were forced into an ordinary life of Bob and Hellen Parr after all superhero venture was discontinued by the government. After being heroes of the Metroville for their whole life one incident changed it for everyone….

Are Criminals Born or Made?



Human development

Nature Versus Nurture


Words: 1009 (5 pages)

Are criminals born or made? A criminal is defined as someone who has committed a crime. Psychologists have come up with many theories and reasons about why people commit crimes. The two main explanations lie in genetic and environmental factors, which relates to the nature and nurture debate. Studies have been carried out to explain…

Inzy Lets Things over Flow Him



Mahatma Gandhi





Words: 2233 (9 pages)

Inzy lets things flow over him This is not just the story of a man who has risen to be one of Pakistan’s icons. It is also a more human tale, one of two friends and a friendship that has stood for nearly 20 years, despite the differences caused by distance, status and money. On…

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