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During the initial and preliminary days of my adulthood one of the major placement features was to be able to express and demonstrate my own self. Looked forward to gaining my independence. It was particularly imperative for me to part from my parents and become self-sufficient, self-supporting and gain financial stability. I was able to do this by joining the workforce and strongly engaged and concentrated on my career. I was able to establish a successful and thriving career.

Later at around the age of twenty five, this advancement led me to make more significant life choices such as to seek a long-term relationship and eventually to get married and to start a family. After successfully achieving my goals, was prepared to make further commitments. After having children I found myself facing with new responsibilities. In order to deal with these new challenges it was essential for me to my family obligations and my career progression. Together with all these progress in my life, my cognitive skills and levels also transformed.

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I realized that by the time I reached my early adulthood was able to portray more mature decision making and opinions. This maturity realization urged me to develop into a totally functioning grownup. My personal experiences and encounters allowed me to transform my thinking and judgments. My ability to face and resolve persistent issues and conflicts improved over the years. These personal developments also enabled me to take up a challenging management job. I began to think more about fulfilling my educational goals and personally became motivated to complete my university degree.

I am now able to relate some of the present events to past experiences with a view of attaining better outcomes. For me, this is particularly important especially when dealing with two teenage children at home. Erik Erosion’s emotional development concept offers a comprehensive context from which to interpret and consider progress and change all the way through a person’s lifetime. Erikson (1958), suggested that a person’s nature and character grows in a sequence of phases and these communal encounters has an effect throughout a person’s lifetime.

According to Erikson (1978), one of the focal fundamentals of emotional development is the growth of a person’s distinctive self-image. This cognizant awareness of identity is established through social collaboration. Erikson (1978), also suggested that a person’s self-image is intentionally transforming as a result of different incidents and encounters and knowledge which they obtain on a daily basis from interfaces and contacts with other people. As a person confronts each new phase of expansion, they are met with fresh trials which can either promote or obstruct the progression of self-image.

According to Erikson (1968), the construction of self-image originates from infancy but turns out to be mostly significant during youth and adulthood and persists in a whole life time. According to Erikson (1980), a person encounters a contradiction which acts as a decisive moment in the progression. He suggests that these contradictions are focused on either acquiring a psychological attribute or being unsuccessful in acquiring that characteristic. Through these instances the capacity for individual development is elevated, but also is the possibility of disappointment.

If a person can deal productively with the contradictions, he or she transpires from that phase with psychological potteries which would function throughout a lifetime for them. If a person is unsuccessful in dealing with the contradictions effectually, they are less likely to obtain the fundamental skills required to create a powerful awareness of individuality. Sternberg (1998), theory of cognitive maturity suggest that successful intellectual performance for adults results from the ability to observe evenness amid being rational, imaginative and realistic.

In order for a person to achieve accomplishment in specific social and cultural situations, these skills should act mutually. Sternberg (1997), further suggests that the capacity of a person to logically contemplate allows the person to assess, examine, link, relate and distinguish the facts and data. Innovation, breakthrough and inspiration are spawned by creative capabilities. Likewise, pragmatic capabilities link and connect all skills together by permitting a person to relate everything which they have absorbed and acquired in the relevant context (Sternberg 1985).

This theory also suggests that in order for a person to succeed they should portray the maximum utilization of their rational, imaginative and realistic potteries, in the meanwhile counteracting for limitations arising in whichever contexts. This could implicate on either refining limitations in order to become well acclimatized to the requirements of a specific situation and setting or preferring to work in a eating which would appreciate that person’s specific potteries.

A person who has a sound cognitive ability is basically able to identify, express and attain their own impression of success amid their culture and are able to adjust to or amend their situation to suit their demands. Canonical & Sternberg (1994), suggest that one of the predominant characteristics of this concept of effective cognitive development in adults is compliance and disability amid the person and the person’s social and cultural environment. I believe that the key changes to my emotional status during early adulthood responds well to Erosion’s psychosocial stage of maturity.

At this stage I was mainly involved with improving my capacity to disclose intimacy, looking forward to establishing a meaningful relationship and to seek my own privacy. According to Erikson (1 950), at around the age of eighteen to forty five a person is able to start an intimate affiliation and is inclined to make long standing commitments to another person who is not a family member. Success in this stage encouraged me to move on to marriage, commitment to children and to concentrate more on my career avenues.

Erikson (1 968), proposes that the adulthood phase to propagate is around twenty five to sixty five and this phase has comprehensive relevance to family life, rearing one’s children, bonding with others, job and career and the societal group. I consider my intellectual statuses also changed over the time since the beginning of my adulthood and continue to develop and is quite relevant to Sternberg concept as Sternberg (1998), suggests that human cognition is a fluid ability as opposed to being a solid feature.

One of the features of this development is my ability to evaluate and weigh up contradicting view points ND to better understand how to weigh up applicability while bearing in mind the societal and productivity aspects. According to Sternberg (1985), a person seeks to adapt to the current situation which outlines his or her circumstances. However, sometimes it is realized that adapting to a situation can also necessitate not only adjusting your own self but also adapting to a completely new setting. This was relevant to my astute decision to change my job to suit my demanding new responsibilities as a mum and housewife.

I believe that life experiences and emotional developments in my life changed y cognitive patterns. When I was younger I viewed life from an uncompromising approach. Time and diverse life experiences demonstrated that it is essential to interrogate and question. This enabled me to reach reasonable and rational thinking and to be able to grasp the uncertainties of life. Believe that all the emotional changes or developments in my life implicated understanding, assessing and adapting my emotions and that these abilities have been an essential component of my cognitive and intelligence abilities.

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