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Die Welle Reflection

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Reflection of Die Welle Die Welle is a german movie which is directed and written by Dennes Gansel and puslihed in 2008. The movie shows that according to a group of students in present-day Germany management autocracy of the Hitler would not even mentioned and a teacher is responsible for finishing weekly project whose subject is comparing and contrasting autoracy and anarchy. This teacher, Rainer Wenger (Jurgen Vogel), firstly wants to enter a weekly anarchy course, but he has to give the autocracy lecture.

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Die Welle Reflection
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The teacher prefers an extraordinary style to teach the course to his students, which aims to process them in a different way. Then they begin to become a social group. Firstly, the students adopt acting as a group and as a whole rather than as an individual. Students adopt this bevahiour excessively due to the joy of belonging to a group so they begin to change into a different formation. For example, everyone wears white shirts, the band has a logo.

Also, the most important indicator of the group is that they even find a special greeting among themselves.

The group is called The Wave which is the most important thing for these students because these students are in puberty period. Their hormone imbalance and interparental conflicts cause to depend on the group in terms of integrity, loyalty and exclusive reactions across the others. According to Erikson’s Pychosocial Teory to achieve a healty personality, an individual must succesfully resolve a crisis at each of the eight stages of development. 5th stage is releated to these students because this stage contains 12 to 18 ages and explains identity versus role confusion.

He argued that in order to arrive at a mature sexual and occupational identity, every adolescent must examine his identity and the roles he must occupy. He must achieve an integrated sense of self, of what he wants to do and be, and of his appropriate sexual role. The risk is that the adolescent will suffer from confusion arising from the profusion of roles opening up to him at this age. For example, the character of the movie, Tim, adopts the group extremely he identifies himself as a member of group because he needs dedication way to something to escape from their pyscological problem such as family and role confusion.

On the other hand, the other character Herr Wenger is accepted as a leader of the group, examine himself as a team leader but after a while, he realize that he is in a role confusion because the group strays from its purpose and he decides to take a step back. According to Biological Theory, sociobiology is the study of society using the methods and concepts of biological science. When applied to human development, sociobiology emphasizes genes that aid group survial.

Sociobiologists claim individual humans have the best chance for survival when they live in groups. Therefore, they claim, evolution has provided humans with genetic programming that help us cooperate. In my opinion, The Wave’s thoughts were generally derived from this theory because they respected and kept faith with the member of group’s lives and cooperated with each other veraciously. References 1) http://www. imdb. com/title/tt1063669/ 2) Boyd, D. & Bee, H. (2006). Lifespan Development. 4th Edition. Boston: Allyn and Bacon

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