Nelson Mandela’s Speech “I Am Prepared to Die” Analysis

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Nelson Mandela was charged for opposing the white authorities of South Africa in the 1960s, and gave a powerful defence speech titled I am Prepared to Die at his trial. Mandela used literary devices such as anecdotes, facts, statistics and allusions to support his defence. He stated that he hoped to make a difference in his people’s freedom, and presented himself as a Bachelor’s Degree holder, former lawyer and convicted captive. Mandela used statistics to show that more than 85,000 people were arrested for resisting apartheid laws, 70% of South Africans were not entitled to vote, and 69 unarmed Africans died at Sharpeville. Despite his powerful speech, Mandela was sentenced to life in prison and was released at the age of 71 in 1990. Nonetheless, his defence speech was persuasive and effective in presenting his case.

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In 1962-1964. Nelson Mandela was charged for opposing the white authorities of South Africa. high lese majesty. sabotage. and the confederacy to subvert the authorities. In his defence. Mandela gave a address titled “I am Prepared to Die” at his test. This address is powerful and full of literary devices. In parts of this potent address he utilizes facts. statistics. and allusions as a tool to his defence. In the beginnings of his address he uses an anecdote. which is a short interesting narrative about a existent incident or individual. Here Mandela states that as immature male child in Transkei he listened to the seniors of his folk stating narratives of how it used to be. and of wars their ascendants fought against the homeland. and names such as Dingane. Bambata. Hinsta. and Makana were praised all over the African state.

He uses this to clarify that he hoped to assist his people and do a difference in their freedom. As of the factual parts he states within them. that he admits he was one of the people who helped to organize Umkhonto we Sizwe until he was arrested in August 1962. holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and practiced as an lawyer in Johannesburg. a convicted captive functioning five old ages. and stating that more than 85. 000 people defied the apartheid Torahs and went to imprison. With more facts throughout the address. it gave Mandela more of a concluding to non be convicted. As of the statistical parts of this address he stated that more than 85. 000 people were arrested for withstanding the apartheid Torahs. adaging that 70 per centum of South Africa were non entitled to vote. besides saying that soixante-neuf unarmed Africans died at Sharpeville. These statistics gave Mandela more border to his defence and supported him.

Though Mandela’s address was intense it wasn’t adequate to happen him guiltless. He was sentenced to life. which he was released at 71 old ages of age. on February 11. 1990. Yet I still find that this address was powerful. The literary devices gave him border and his grounds was right.

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