Digital Ethics: Ethical and Moral Standards of Society

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Focuses on ethical and moral standards that shape society. C] Information ethics provides ethical codes that provide solutions to ethical problems by involving information provisions 2 Information Privacy Information privacy has become a sensitive topic when it comes to the internet. With multiple social media sites to choose from, sharing your daily ctivities have become the norm is most cultures.

Society uploads everything on a daily basis from emotions, to advertisements, even world causes. Did you know that: Cl That there are 3,000 people a minute uploading to Flicker (photo media site)? C] How about the average person will spend 700 billion minutes on Facebook in one month. C] Or how about that over 2. 5 million websites have integrated with Facebook for advertising. 3 Please Click Here to watch: ENJOY!! Rooftop Comedy’s Greatest Hits: Social Media Mayhem 4 Effects of Social Media Most social media skits are funny and easily relatable.

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However, in a recent rticle from 2013 titled “Life and Death Online” Alison Atkins age 16 shows another side to social media that is becoming a growing issue with privacy online. Alison’s family faced major setbacks when their daughter passed away in the hospital. Their daughter was a healthy young lady involved in her community and with her peers became bed ridden in a hospital. Thisyoung lady was no longer able to reside in her physical life of physical socialization, school, or events. She was living her life through the computer.

She wrote Poems, reposted pictures, and things she thought was interesting through ocial media with her friends. These major set backs included: Cl Being unable to access photos C] unable to continue sharing her poems 0 Not having access to her photos. 5 Ethical Questions: There are several ethical questions that come into play: L] Does Alison’s family have the right to her information due to her age of 1 6? Some might answer yes to this question due so some of the age requirements Social sites have in reference to use. 0 Is it ethically wrong for the family to seek out help from computer hackers to Get password information? Morally if you are told that something is against the law, a persons or person Involved in the criminal action is prosecuted and innocent until proven guilty. However, ethically, there are emotions involved in this particular case with the family trying to keep the daughters digital memory alive. 6 Important Things to remember: C]Everything you do online is recorded and encrypted. This is how the how the computer is able to record what is typed through social media or if it is being saved on a device. CIThe same rights that a family has in a physical estate are not the same as a igital estate.

Meaning that individuals information is deleted when they are deceased. CIThere are ways around this to allow friends and family to keep you memory alive, unfortunately this has to be done willing In on the individuals behalf through a living testament, or “will”.

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