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Ethics and Moral Norms

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What is the aim of ethics? To plan a life means to track the consequences of one’s ordinary desires, economic, sexual, social; the desires for power and responsibility, for case and pleasure, for self-expression, for security, for adventure, for popularity. Everyone has sooner or later to find out what he/she wants, which desires among those which compete for his attention he will organize into the system which makes his plan of life. What is the difference between ethics and religion?

Ethics focuses on the concepts of right and wrong who generally hold their authority based on a presumed grant by some supernatural power.

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Ethics and Moral Norms
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Ethics are a code of acceptable, moral conduct based on the conceptions of right and wrong generally accepted in a given society at that time. In other words, religion derives it’s authority from an unverifiable supernatural source and ethics derives it’s authority from the implied or explicit consensus of the people. it is all about beliefs and practices of man and their faith to God.

Why is Ethics is the only necessary knowledge?

When we talk of ethics we talk about moral integrity and moral integrity as attested by the people is the true measure of man’s greatness that is why ethics is considered to be the only necessary knowledge. Ethics are important, but wisdom and true knowledge are also necessary to succeed in life. Tell whoever told you that ethics are the only necessary knowledge that they are wrong. how are moral norms different form civil laws? The moral partiality of Confucian thought came from its over-emphasis on the function of morality, its neglect of the distinction between morality and law and its regarding law as subordinate to morality.

Moral norms in definition it is an indication on how humans ought to exercise their freedom. While Civil laws legalize some acts that are immoral. How does senator Jovito Salonga define ethics? Senator Jovito Salonga define ethics as the discipline dealing with the right and wrong. And when we ask what thing are right, without having to go back to the ancient philosophers and scholars, common sense tells us the things that are right are the things that help people and society at large, such things as honesty, fairness, decency and accountability.

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