Crime and Ethical Standards

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Central police officer Lance Maroons responded to a call for service from a high-end retailer, who reported that an unkempt woman wearing disheveled, dirty, and torn clothing left the store without paying for items she selected while shopping in the Misses Clothing Department. The store manager reported that the woman failed to respond to any verbal prompts made to her by store associates. As Officer Maroons drove toward the store, he noticed a woman matching her description walking along the side of the road, carrying what appeared to be clothing.

Once the officer reached the location of the woman, he recognized her Mary Jones?as being an individual he had arrested several times before for public drunkenness, resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance, felony larceny, and prostitution. Officer Maroons anticipated that this could be a very challenging situation because Jones did not like law enforcement, tended to be aggressive, and had, in the past, run as soon as she saw a police cruiser. Maroons called for backup and asked Jones to stop as he stepped out of his vehicle.

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She started to run, but he caught up with her very quickly. Jones struggled with Officer Maroons on the ground, although he managed to humanely subdue her and place her in handcuffs. Officer Maroons called the incident into Communications and placed the suspect in his cruiser. He then gathered the clothing items dropped by the suspect along the side of the road. He noticed the items had price tags displaying the name of the retailer who reported the initial incident to law enforcement. During transport, Jones yelled and became very agitated.

When she arrived at the police department, Jones was very upset. She tried to hurt herself by banging her head on the desk as the officer tried to interview her about the alleged larceny report. It was clear to Officer Maroons that Jones was under the influence of drugs, so he discontinued the interview process. Maroons requested emergency medical services, and Jones was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Here’s What You Need To Do . After carefully reviewing the case details, prepare a 2- to 3-page report assessing whether the procedures (both legal and ethical) were followed appropriately.

Use the Argosy University Online Library resources to find articles that support your assessment. You may also use your textbook. Your report should address the following: Select one of the crimes Jones has been previously charged with (e. G. , larceny, or prostitution). That type of crime is it (misdemeanors or felony)? Oho is this crime defined in the state in which you live? ‘How might societal factors have influenced this suspect’s crimes? Analyze how the purpose of overspent and the social contract might protect the rights (e. . , safety and security) of the suspect in this case. Compare the various roles Officer Maroons must play in this case. Consider that Maroons must enforce the law and protect the suspect from harm at the same time. Analyze how a law enforcement officer’s actions might be influenced if he or she is arresting an “unsympathetic suspect or victim,” specifically a suspect or victim who the officer has arrested before or who engages in a high-risk lifestyle, such as substance abuse, drug leaning, or prostitution.

Justify whether Officer Maroons acted accordingly. How might the criminal justice professional maintain ethical standards when working with diverse populations? Once charged, what rights does the defendant, Jones, have? Be sure to organize your paper into clear and concise paragraphs. You should read the grading rubric before starting your paper to ensure you cover all the material appropriately. Include an PAP-formatted reference page that links to your in-text citations.

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