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Dignity of Good Values

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Article DIGNITY OF GOOD VALUES 7l3l13 BY NARRATOR Love,trust,affection and faith are values of human life. we can only judge a person by his qualities and not by the appearance. God has bestowed this people like mother teressa and also other freedom fighters like Gandhiji,Subaash Chandra bose,etc.. They were selfless and they worked 4 the welfare of the society. this facts are are applicable to the boys in Verona. Last month I set off to Verona and from there I came across two boys whose name was Nicola and Jacopo .

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Dignity of Good Values
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Meeting these boys were indeed an experience for me. I have come across many individuals in my life but none of them can be compared with Nicolo and Jacopo . Both the boys had cultured and comfortable lives. The war ruined their family. They came across many circumstances and all these gave them determination and courage to lead a new life. Their sister Lucia was suffering from TB.

their love for Lucia crossed all the boundaries . anybody in this situation would have let their sister to suffer. They did various jobs and they didn’t even spare a minute.

They were selfless and they had self respect ,they were also veracious. They could have deviated to evil path to earn money easily ,but they didn’t. they were totally different from the other boys trust love and affection are some of the qualities of a good society . These values lack in today’s generation . Nicolo and Jacopo give us hope that there are good people in the society. They are role models for the whole nation and I am damn sure that they will be deemed for their good deeds. MAY GOD BLESS THEM! (NARRATOR S NAME)

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