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To determine the necessary information systems for a business, one must analyze competitors and industry pressures while considering how to address them. The importance of specific information systems will vary depending on the company’s issues and strategies. The company’s structure and culture also play a vital role in implementing IT-based systems. Enterprise resource planning software can help integrate all necessary technology systems, including sales, service, finance, manufacturing, inventory, and human resources. A supply chain management system could greatly benefit Dirt Bikes U.S.A by integrating their IT systems with their suppliers to produce high-quality parts at lower costs, lower prices for consumers, and increase market share. To achieve their goals, a fully integrated IT structure throughout the organization with personnel in other functional units and a separate IT department, including a CIO, CTO, CSO, and CPO, would work best for Dirt Bikes U.S.A.

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In order to determine the necessary information systems for a business, it is important to analyze the competition and industry, and develop strategies to address competitive and industry pressures. The importance of specific info systems for the company will vary depending on the issues it faces and how they are being addressed. The impact of a company’s structure or culture on information system usage is a complex consideration. Implementing an IT-based system requires careful evaluation of the company’s internal IT culture.

They must also utilize enterprise resource planning software to determine how they will incorporate the systems. The ERP software consolidates all of the technology systems you have in your organization. The system software is capable of merging all the necessary software your organization requires, including sales, service, finance, manufacturing, inventory, and human resources. The organization’s IT culture pertains to the structural placement of IT functions within the organization, as well as its philosophical approach to the development, deployment, and utilization of IT. I believe that Dirt Bikes U.S.A could greatly benefit from integrating their IT systems with their suppliers in an information partnership to provide their consumers with the best options available (supply chain management). They can collaborate with their suppliers early in the product development cycle and obtain valuable input on producing high-quality parts (which Dirt Bikes U.S.A is renowned for) at a lower cost. Implementing a strict SCM system will aim to extract maximum cost efficiency from the process.

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When there are lower costs, it results in lower consumer prices, leading to an increase in market share and above the line revenue. I believe that Dirt Bikes U.S.A would benefit the most from a cost leadership strategy and a cost initiative strategy. The best support for this strategy would be supply chain management systems, which would focus on preventing the cost of goods from exceeding sales revenue. By using high-quality, exclusive parts, this is the most effective way for them to achieve their company goals. The ideal IT structure for Dirt Bikes U.S.A’s goals is a fully integrated structure across the organization. In this structure, there are personnel located within other functional units, with a separate IT department. This strategy involves the roles of CIO (chief information officer), CTO (chief technology officer), CSO (chief security officer), and CPO (chief privacy officer), all of which are vital for the company’s success.

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