Information Systems of Dirt Bikes USA

To find out what information systems are needed by a business, you must access your competition, industry, and determine your strategies to address competitive and industry pressures. Depending on the issues your company faces and how you plan on addressing them, the info systems most important to the company will change. As far as how the company’s structure or culture will affect the use of information systems, it’s complex. A company has to consider its own internal IT culture carefully in order to implement one of the IT based systems.

They must also use enterprise resource planning software to determine how they will integrate the systems. The ERP software compiles all of the technology systems you have in your organization. The system software can integrate all the possible software your organization should need such as sales, service, finance, manufacturing, inventory, and human resources. The organization’s IT culture refers to how the IT functions is placed structurally within the organization. It also includes the philosophical approach to the development, deployment, and use of IT. . ) I think that Dirt Bikes U. S. A could really benefit from integrating their IT systems with their suppliers in an information partnership to give their consumers the best of what everyone can offer (supply chain management). They can share product concepts with their suppliers early in the product development cycle where the suppliers can include their input on how to make high-quality parts (which Dirt Bikes U. S. A. is known for) at a lower cost. Using a strict SCM system will try to squeeze every penny possible out of the process.

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When there is lower costs here, it leads to lower prices for consumers and that can increase market share and above the line revenue. I believed that Dirt Bikes U. S. A would most benefit from an overall cost leadership strategy and below the line (cost initiative) strategy. I think that supply chain management systems would be the best support for the identified strategy. They could focus on preventing the cost of their goods from exceeding the sales revenue. Because they use their use of high-quality, exclusive parts, this is the best way for them to succeed with their companies’ goals. . ) The IT structure that would work best with the goals of Dirt Bikes U. S. A is a fully integrated structure throughout the organization. In the fully integrated IT structure there are many personnel located within the other functional units, although there is still a separate IT department. In this strategy you can find the following acronyms: CIO (chief information officer), CTO (chief technology officer), CSO (chief security officer), and CPO (chief privacy officer). They are essential in the success of the company.

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