Skateboards and Bikes for Boy

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The article discusses the problem of bikers and skateboarders sharing the same skate park. There are not enough spaces for both groups, and bikers don’t watch out for skateboarders, causing accidents and broken equipment. Bikers often take over the ramps and bowls and try stunts that are not suitable for bikes, leading to injuries. The author suggests that skate parks should be for skaters only, and bikers should go to a BMX park instead to ensure safety for everyone.

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There is insufficient space at the skate park for both 10-15 bikers and 20-30 skateboarders. Bikers often ignore skateboarders and their boards, expecting them to move aside, causing accidents and broken skateboards. Additionally, bikers tend to dominate the ramps and bowls, causing frustration among others. The result is often damaged bikes and skateboards, which can be expensive to replace.

I witnessed a young boy who had just obtained a costly new skateboard. Unfortunately, he failed to execute a trick and as a result, the skateboard went soaring and was subsequently struck by a cyclist. The boy was completely devastated! It appears that whenever I visit the skate park, there is always someone who ends up in the hospital or sustaining severe injuries, often involving a bicyclist. Bicyclists sometimes possess an exaggerated sense of confidence and attempt daring maneuvers on rails and ramps that are too small for their bikes, leading to falls and serious injuries. They frequently maneuver through groups of skaters, causing them to stumble, sustain injuries, and occasionally get struck.

Some people try foolish tricks by combining a bike and skateboard. Although some argue that skateboarders should also be careful of bicyclists, it is crucial to remember that skate parks are mainly meant for skaters. Hence, my friends and I believe that all skate parks should cater exclusively to skateboarders. To ensure everyone’s safety, bikers should consider going to a designated BMW park instead. Engaging in these combined activities often results in damaged skateboards and bicycles, as well as injuries leading to hospitalizations.

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