Skateboards and bikes for boy Essay

Well there isn’t enough room for 10-15 bikers and 20-30 skateboarders at a skate park. Most of the time bikers don’t watch out for skateboarders or their boards and expect the skaters to move out of their way, that’s how people end up being hit and skateboards become broken. Bikers also think they own the place taking up all the ramps and bowls. Nobody likes a broken bike or skateboard. Many times when ever there are bikers and skateboarders at the same park some ones bike or skateboard gets messed up somehow. Skateboards and bikes are not cheap either!

I have seen a little boy who had just recently received an expensive new skateboard, he messed up a trick, and the board went flying, and was run over by a biker. The boy was devastated! Almost every time have been to the skater some one ends up in the hospital, or badly injured and most of the time a biker is involved. Bikers sometimes think they are so awesome going off rails and ramps not big enough for a bike and fall and are usually seriously injured. They love to cut in and out of skaters usually making them fall and become injured and moieties be hit.

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Skateboards and bikes for boy
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People also try to do dumb stunts involving a bike and skateboard at the same time!! I know some people think “Well skateboarders should watch out for bikers too. ” Yes, but it is a skater so bikers shouldn’t be there in the first place! So you make your decision but all my friends and think that all skate parks should be for skaters only! Bikers should really go to a BMW park for the safety of themselves and others, skateboards and bikes become broken and people end up in the hospital because of this.

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