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Disadvantage of Wars

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War is an armed conflict between two or more groups which attack each other. Although the meaning of wars has changed, the importance of wars hasn’t changed. The wars have many disadvantages for people, such as, economic depression, environmental problems and conflict in social structure.

One of the main disadvantages of wars is economic depression. Cost of wars is very high because guns and war machines are very expensive. During the war a lot of guns and war machines are used and many of them are broken.

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Disadvantage of Wars
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Also, the city, which is in war, gets big damage. For instance, many buildings are destroyed by bombs. Not only cost of war is important but also lack of economic improvement is very important. Production and investment dramatically decrease. Thus, the trade of country, such as foreign trade and domestic trade, get nearly stopped. A second disadvantage of wars is environmental problems. Many war machines are

used in war. War machines also harm trees, animals and others.

A lot of animals and people are died, so scattered bodies will be in everywhere such as near drinking water sources. After people drunk this water, they most probably are infected by epidemic disasters such as Phthisis and Yellowness. The final disadvantage of wars is conflict in social structure. While war is lasting, the democracy gets weak. People have limited freedom. Military juntas are very harmful for democracy. Also military junta damages human rights. Moreover, some social services become slower. For example, education gets very important damage at school and family. Wars result in lack of basic needs. In conclusion, wars make economy weaker, environment dirtier and social structure poorer. A war has many disadvantages, but in the history many wars were made by a lot of countries. In contrast, many wars are lasting at present. In my opinion, if we don’t understand meaning of peace, these wars will last in the future.

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