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Diversity and Its Benefits



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    Diversity comes in many different forms. It is part of everyday life. It plays a roll to a group accomplishing a mission, what style clothes you buy, what style of music you listen to, who your friends are, and so forth. Diversity is unavoidable; it is in our subconscious way of thinking. In a sense, it is also a way to be in life. It is important to be that way.

    Being diverse can help accomplish a goal that you and others have in common. Say for example you are on a job site with ten other people, and you run into a problem you have not come across before. You start asking around for some help to solve this problem. Someone there was able to help you. That one person came from a different background with different work experience. If he or she had not been there, it could have taken you a lot longer to find a solution. Bringing people together with different work experiences will help the overall mission of getting the job done. Everyone could potentially help each other out and solve problems together without wasting too much time on that one specific situation.

    Most of the population does not have the exact same clothing in their own personal wardrobe. As in more than one of the same, tee shirts, pants, shorts, etc. We all like to have a variety of different styles of those items. They could be the same brand of clothing, but they all have different designs on them. Those diverse designs are great for the economy. It attracts more people to buy their product. I have personally seen two people looking to buy a shirt; that shirt happened to be the same design, brand, and price. One person decided rather quickly to buy that shirt. The other person that could not decide whether or not they wanted it, put it back and got the same brand shirt, but in a different color. I asked them why did they chose that one. Their response, “I did not want to have the same thing that the other person had, and I was also looking at a different color.” That person was my wife. Having a diverse range of products gets more people to buy those products. No one wants to copy another person because they do not want to seem like a “copycat.” In return, it helps more people to want to become business owners and create their own style of a product. It will create more job opportunities and boost the economy.

    Everyone loves music. It is a great thing that there is so many different genres of music. Listening to the same artist in a genre gets rather exasperating, over played, and it can drive someone crazy. Having diverse artists and genres gives people more range to change things up on what they listen to and like. Music brings people together. When an artist hosts a concert, it brings a wide variety of people. Different genders, races, and ages all come to attend that artist’s performance. People also tend to be more willing to talk to other people in different groups in that style atmosphere. For instance, I have been to a concert that was located in a “bad area” in my home state. Of course, I was on edge due to the reputation; I still managed to have a good time. I also happened to meet a person who happen to be a local to that area. I assumed that since he was from that area he would be a bad person. I was completely wrong. They were one of the nicest people I have ever met. If it were not for that concert in that area, I never would have gone there and actually given it a chance or meet anyone from there.

    Being diverse gives you the opportunity to go to new places, meet new people, try new things, and enjoy living life. Without it, every single day would be the same repeatedly. Everyone would be walking around aimlessly and mindlessly. They would have no sense of purpose. Everyone would also be the same. No one would have his or her own personalities, opinions, life experience, etc. Different style products would not have been created. All the food would be the same. The economy would be greatly affected by the lack of people not inventing new ideas. Music would be all the same genre. I could not imagine a life without diversity. It gives us a reason to be who were are.

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