Do Real Men Drink Diet Coke?

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1. Describe the specific type of consumer that the Coca-Cola Company is targeting with each of the following products: Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke Plus, Coca-Cola Blak, and Fill Throttle Blue Demon. What type of demographic segmentation is each product’s marketing most likely to include?

All of Coca-Cola products have different type of consumers that are being targeted; coke zero targets a younger generation, mainly for men. Diet Coke is for the healthy conscious individual, mainly marketed for women on a diet. Diet Coke Plus was introduced in 2007, as a sweeter version of diet coke that fortified with vitamins and minerals; diet coke plus was meant to reach the young male consumer. However, it was not successful due to the after taste from the sweetener. Coca-Cola Blak was introduced soon after the Diet Coke Plus was not successful in penetrating the male demographic. It’s a cola with coffee essence created for older, more sophisticated consumers who was willing to pay more. Full Throttle Blue Demon is an energy drink with an agave azule flavor that was created to appeal to a Hispanic man. Coca-Cola Company is concentrating on marketing to demographic segmentation of young men between ages of 18 and 24.

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2. Some industry analysts think soft drink companies should develop products that will bring new customers into the market rather than just creating variants on the old. They warn that products such as Coke Zero will cannibalize lost market share from other soft drink categories instead of increasing the number of consumers overall. Which Coca-Cola products are most likely to lose customers to Coke Zero?

Coca-Cola Company has developed multiple variations of “low-calorie” healthy soft drinks. By Coca-Cola producing Coke Zero and investing more money into this specific brand they could lose customers from Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Blak. Diet Coke is mainly marketed to women who want to lose weight, and knowing there is another “low-calorie” drink by Coca-Cola and has the original taste they will want to try and soon after will stop purchasing Diet Coke for Coke Zero. Regarding Coca-Cola Blak who is for the older more sophisticated consumer is going to want something on the healthier side and to find out that it is also cheaper then Coca-Cola Blak.

3. Why do you think that the hidden-camera videos used to promote Coke Zero were an effective way to reach its target market? Do you think a similar strategy with a viral marketing campaign on the internet would appeal to the target market for Diet Coke Plus?

The hidden-camera videos use to promote Coke Zero was effective to reach its target market by saying Coke Zero stole Coca-Cola original taste. This shows that it is the low-calories drink that Diet Coke is, but has the original taste of Coca-Cola.

Using a similar strategy with a viral marketing campaign on the internet would not appeal to the target market for Diet Coke Plus. I believe it will not have the same effect, because Coca-Cola Plus has a sweeter taste then Diet Coke and it will give more sugar; which defeats the purpose of “low-calories,” and the taste will not be the same as Coca-Cola classic.

4. Do you think Diet Coke could have been repositioned to change consumers’ perceptions of it enough to be considered a drink equally appealing to men? Why or Why not?

To reposition Diet Coke to change consumers’ Perceptions so it is equally appealing to men will not work, and Coca-Cola Company should not want to. Diet Coke has been around for years to change the look after so long would be difficult and expensive. I believe that Diet Coke should stay branding for women, and concentrate Coke Zero on men. By them utilizing the difference it will allow for variety for consumers, and will give Coca-Cola Company a look of variation and that they have a drink for all individuals.

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