Draft Letter Going to War in Vietnam

It was a really hot and humid twenty-four hours. I will ne’er bury that atrocious twenty-four hours. I merely had gotten place from work ; the traffic that twenty-four hours was atrocious. The mail was in top of my dining room tabular array. and there it was on top of all the mail. the lone thing O saw on the envelope was bill of exchange and I was the addressee. My reaction was “Oh My God” . my bosom was thumping really bosom it felt like it was about to leap out of my thorax. my ears were firing. All I could believe was that we are told that we are assisting people and contending for our freedom. Alternatively guiltless people are being killed ; I have lost most of my freedom. What options do I have. leave the state. or conceal for the remainder of your life. Or travel to war non merely means functioning your state. but assisting people along the manner. What were my advantages or disadvantages? None of those options were good. at that point I was in daze. and I merely could non believe that this was go oning to me. till this twenty-four hours I do non retrieve of all time opening that missive.

The advantage I saw was. if I went to war the money I will be acquiring. With that money I could assist my household. have a better hereafter. and it can assist me open a batch of doors. The disadvantage is that I can acquire killed. injured. my household would be devastated. but at the same clip they would experience proud. To some. including me the Vietnam War was a offense. an effort by the United States to stamp down a heroic Vietnamese national release motion that had driven Gallic colonialism out of its state. To others. the Vietnam War was a forfeit. a merely war needlessly lost by timid policymakers and a colored media. For many including myself. the Vietnam War was a tragic error brought approximately by U. S. leaders who exaggerated the influence of communism and underestimated the power of patriotism.

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Another advantage would be that I would come back as a hero. either alive or in a box. I will still be considered a hero. that is. if I live in a community that is really loyal. But in my instance I do non populate in a community like that. The disadvantage would be that my community would non even know that I have gone to war. All I could believe was that the bill of exchange discriminated against the hapless. the less educated and cultural minorities. Many of us were drafted into the Army against our will about all of us are kept in its appreciation against our will all in order to transport out this illegal. immoral. and unfair war. We are forced to contend and decease in a war we did non make and in which we don’t believe.

There are advantages and disadvantages in every war that can either be minute inside informations or alter the whole class of war. I would travel to war even cognizing that I may acquire killed. injured. Morally is the right thing to make. As a citizen we have a responsibility to this state whether or non we believe in the cause of war. Initially. people traveling to Vietnam bought the Domino theory.

They volitionally went because they were supporting freedom and democracy and the American manner. those who were sent to Vietnam knew that they did non hold the support of the American people. cognize that they were at that place in support of a failed policy. and knew that they were non supporting freedom or democracy. but were pawns in an on-going political battle. My decision after composing this is that ne’er think for a minute that you are the lone one side that is enduring you might be physically safe from the effects of war. But war is an insidious enemy and all the more detrimental when it is deductions reach you. others through a dead and agony.

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