Vietnam War The War We Should Have Won

The Vietnam War, was non even a war, it was a Police Action. The immature work forces who fought for their state had other positions of what it was. This war showed how power hungry the U.S. was to act upon the universe. I thought the Vietnam War was a serious misallocation of military personnels, money, resources and clip. The Vietnam War was a perfect platform for the U.S. to demo the universe how combatant we were to halt the spread of communism. Some perceivers in the United States questioned the disposal’s policy. For illustration, a taking newspaper author, James Reston, said President Johnson was transporting out an undeclared and unexplained war in Vietnam. Johnson defended his policies. He said withdraw would non convey an terminal to the struggle. He said the conflict would go on in one state, and so another .

The Vietnam War started at the terminal of WWII. The Kennedy disposal started the engagement with the Green Berets. The War at one point had reached over 500,000 military personnels contending in Vietnam. In return 58,000 immature, 19-25 old ages of age, American troops died for the cause of halting communism.

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Some of the attitudes of the War were both pro and con. Some Pro s were to halt communism and its Domino consequence. Besides political force per unit area from the free universe for the U.S. to be against communism. The Con s were the violent death of immature work forces, waste of resources, and the limited war finally lead to get the better of.

The impact on American life was really negative. The Established Americans were really negative towards the young person. The Established Americans thought that the young person should accept that we were at war and should endorse their state. These Established Americans were the rich older people.

These Young Americans showed their rebellion of the war. These Young Americans burned flags and besides burned their bill of exchange cards, which was a federal offense to make so. These so called bill of exchange foxes held great presentations, and they had great grounds to make so. The music of the clip besides reflected the positions of the war.

Another great illustration of why and how the Vietnam war was so awful are through the films that came out about the war. Some of these films depicted the symbolisms of what war was like to Americans and GI s.

In the film Apocalypse Now Robert Duvall describes the odor of napalm. You smell that? Make you smell that? … Napalm, boy. Nothing else in the universe smells like that. I love the odor of napalm in the forenoon. You know, one clip we had a hill bombed, for 12 hours. When it was all over I walked up. We didn’t happen one of ‘ em, non one stinkin’ DINK  organic structure. The odor, you know that gasolene odor, the whole hill. Smelled like – triumph. Some twenty-four hours, this war’s gonna terminal  . Now I don t know about you but the odor of fire and firing organic structures does non smell good to me. This film brings to the spectator how ghastly war is.

In the film The Deer Hunter the harrowing, sensational, and violent war-time experiences of the Americans in Vietnam, shows the psychologically-destructive scarring of life to American soldiers. Three friends travel to war together, they all come back but two are emotionally unstable. When they arrive back they play the same game as they did when they were in Vietnam, Russian Roulette. Michael stalks a 2nd beautiful vaulting horse and patiently delaies for the perfect one shooting – his primary ‘religious’ doctrine. But at the minute that he surveys the brilliant animate being forthrightly in his gun-sight, he pauses and intentionally aims high to save the animal. His ain irretrievably-changed life has besides stripped him of his ain hunting spirit. He affirms life and finds the strength to non run and slop blood . This film shows how brainsick the war made the soldiers.

The film Platoon was the most realistic, true history of how a soldier felt and how he wanted to travel back how when he foremost got to Vietnam, And when his circuit was stopping, he didn’t have a attention in the universe if he went place or non. At the terminal of the film Chris, Charlie Sheen, is siting in a chopper believing about the war in general. The war will ever be at that place the remainder of my years . He means that he will hold this cicatrix of a memory for the remainder of his life, and all for what good.

The largest ground why we lost the war is really evident. When one is contending for a state’s independency, and the citizens of that state wear’t back up the attempts, problem abounds. The South Vietnamese were non happy about U.S. soldiers being in their state, and it showed. Every twenty-four hours, 1000s of South Vietnamese joined the Viet Cong, so the American soldiers ne’er knew who to swear, and who to hit. Not holding the support of the people you’re contending for is the worst expletive that can be bestowed onto a military.

Westmoreland and Johnson should hold figured out the root of the job before directing more military personnels, and the job was that the American arms were destructing the peaceable husbandman’s Fields and firing their small towns . For a people as far off from the struggle and as apathetic towards the war as they were, it is surprising we lasted this long without being forced to give up.

The saddest chapter in American history could easy hold been avoided, with a combination of good leading, planning, readiness, and morale. Possibly in the hereafter, American soldiers will cognize what they are contending for, be equipped for the conditions, and non be thrown pitilessly into the meat bomber of an already-lost conflict.

Against the famed and glorious background of American history, the Vietnam War stands ghastly out of topographic point. The war was an exercising in economic, military, and political futility. The greatest calamity of the Vietnam War, nevertheless, stems from the unneeded deceases of 58,000 immature American male childs and the installment of panic, misgiving, and sorrow in those who found a manner to last in an hell where the Torahs of adult male were disused. Most of these soldiers were 19 old ages old. They wanted to be hiting 22 s at coneies, alternatively of M16 s at other human existences. In all, the Vietnam War was a military struggle that world should hold ne’er seen.

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