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Dress Code Policies

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The 1st impression a person sees is the way you dress and it is best to make a great impression dressing accordingly followed by the way you conduct yourself. Corporate or Business might set dress policies their common one is Business Casual or Corporate Casual it refers to allowing employees to be less formal, and comfortable but still within proper guidelines. Today approximately 67% of all American companies allowed their employees to dress casual. AmericanPsychologicalAssoc. Com) Many of these companies report that wearing casual clothing can boost morale, improve quality, encourage more open communication, and increase productivity by creating a more comfortable work environment.

AmericanPsychologicaIAssoc. Com) While it helps the employees morale it also helps them to save money, casual dress is more affordable, it helps the employee in this thought economy situation.

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Dress Code Policies
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The Casual Dress code is Aim for a classic and understated look Pick clothing that is comfortable yet communicates a professional attitude. Subtle, quality accessories (belts, jewelry and scarves) coordinated with an outfit can show that you pay attention to important details, combine some of your existing business wardrobe with casual tire, Clothing should be clean, Body piercing should not be seen except for women earrings, hairstyle should project a professional appearance: clean, neatly trimmed, and well-groomed.

Shoes should be polished and leather is generally preferred. ( dissolutions. Net ) While companies apply dress code guidelines like business casual, there are also expectations to meet for an interview. As I mentioned before 1st great impression starts with the way you dress for an interview. For an interview it should always be formal business tire, on which for women should be wear a suit, blouses neutral colors, toes close shoes, h heels, stockings, small earrings.

For men should be suit, sit, ties, socks, shoes, cologne less is better, preferred neutral colors. The attired should display professionalism, and a responsible person that will make you a great candidate for the job. Having dress code policies helps the employers prevent any sexual situations among employees or customers with the employees; it gives an ambiance of professionalism and how dedicated they are to their customers.

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