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Over the past few years, the dress code guidelines have gotten a lot more strict. Do not get me wrong, some things need to be in the dress code, but as we get older it should be more lenient. Dress code causes a lot of problems at the schools. With dress code being so strict the students get pulled out of class, we are not comfortable, and we cannot express ourselves through our clothing. In my opinion, dress codes needs to be fixed. Students get pulled out of class all the time for their clothing apparel and it honestly is not fair. We get pulled out of class for something stupid like if our shoulders are showing. The school system will not let us, girls, show them because they distract the boys from learning. Since when did shoulders become distracting? The school system is saying what we wear is way more important than our education. It should be the opposite way which is where our education is more important than what we wear.

The school should not be able to pull us out of class unless what we are wearing is really distracting. If it is a hole in the jeans, then they should not pull us out of class for it. It is 2018, most of these jeans have holes in them and the ones that do not have holes in them are high priced. I am just saying that the dress code should be more reasonable with the trends that are going around. The school systems should realize that it is different from when they were in school. All we ever hear is, “that is not appropriate!” in school. We wear what we want to be comfortable not for someone else’s benefits. We cannot wear leggings or oversized t-shirts to school because it distracts the guys. Why is the way we have to dress based on the guys? I do not think it matters if we are distracting them or not. It is our bodies and our education we are trying to focus on. Most people would say uniforms would be a great idea, but in reality, it would not be. With uniforms, we would not be able to express who we really are. We usually express ourselves through clothing or writing, but the dress code would limit that. School uniforms would basically be like the whole dress code. We are told what to wear no matter if we are comfortable or if we like it. The dress code could be fixed in many ways but no one wants to help fix it.

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The school systems could make the dress code fair between the girls and the boys. The schools should not be as strict on the girls if they are not going to be strict on the boys. If you ever look in a school’s handbook, then you would see how many rules apply to the girls and how many of them apply to the boys. If we have a dress code then it should be 50/50. The school system could also be reasonable with the society we are going up in. Most people cannot afford to go and buys new clothes so if all we do is dress code them and take them out of class, then what good is that doing? School is supposed to be about learning and not about the apparel we all decide to wear. The dress code has been a major problem throughout the school for most of the kids I am around and for myself as well. Dress code is different from the high school and the college so that is more money I have to pay in order to match both places dress code. It causes way too many problems with money, education, and the parents who have to take time out of work to bring their child extra clothes. Dress code is something that should be taken out or re-edited.

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