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Analysis of Book “Duddy Kravitz” by Mordecai Richdler

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Every person has dreams that drive his or her life and effect the decisions that he or she makes. Without dreams the world would be at a standstill and we not be where we are today both technologically and socially. In the book Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richdler, the author allows us to connect to the main character, Duddy Kravitz, through his dreams and the obstacles that he had to overcome to achieve them.

The early chapters of the book were overwhelming for the reader to follow.

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Analysis of Book “Duddy Kravitz” by Mordecai Richdler
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Mordecai Richler tried to develop Duddy Kravitz’s character too fast. The author introduces too many experiences and character building events for Duddy in the beginning of the book, that it takes away the importance of each event. This might have been a costly mistake by the author because it is during the first chapters that the reader has to get hooked.Many times this is the most difficult part of a book to write.

Without a strong opening the rest of the story can be perfectly written but it will never have the same impact on the reader because of the slow start.

After the first section of the book, we finally are able to see where the story is headed and we are able to settle down and develop a true sense of who Duddy Kravitz is. At this point the author slows down the rate of which events come and allows the character development to happen more naturally. The book became much easier and more enjoyable due to this. The reader could begin to feel the connection with the main character by realizing the impact on Duddy through his ordeals. For example, when Duddy almost lost his roulette game the reader felt anxiety and sorrow for the character. Mordecai Richler did an excellent job in opening up the true surroundings and immersing us in the emotions that revolved around Duddy’s experience.

As the story neared the ending the Mordecai Richler was able to completely capture the reader by making the ending highly suspenseful. It became inevitable that Duddy would have a downfall but the author left room for many different ways for this downfall to occur. He did not direct the reader to an obvious and specific ending. This helped strengthen the connection between the main character and the reader because they were both left in state of despair. Once the book reached its conclusion a great release of emotion was accomplish by a shocking and unexpected ending.

Modercai Richler appealed to the reader by using the theme of dreams because he knew that everyone has a dream. This way he was able to let the reader see into the life on an individual and follow his dream and learn from his experiences. Even though the beginning of the book was difficult to follow the reader was left inspired to follow his or her dreams and live life as Duddy Kravitz did.

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