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Ecoforest Leisure’s Digital Marketing SMART Objectives

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The goal of this product portfolio is to set and further implement on EcoForest Leisure’s digital marketing SMART objectives. Previous assignment focused on the company’s marketing environment, external and internal environments, and discussed digital marketing strategies based on analysis of these environments. This portfolio will cover SMART objectives, action plans, strategy implementation and evaluation through the resources of the EcoForest Leisure WordPress site.

EcoForest is a new leisure club located in the heart of the British Peak district. The company uses traditional print media and word-of-mouth communication to advertise.

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Ecoforest Leisure’s Digital Marketing SMART Objectives
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The company needs a website to properly advertise and attract customers. Therefore, we will mainly set digital marketing goals for businesses. Then, develop an action plan to achieve these goals. Next, we will focus on developing website and what types of advertisement posts are uploaded to social media.

To conduct digital marketing, we need to set goals for the process we are targeting. In the last assignment, I focused on attracting more customers and social media ads to increase sales and membership.

But the objectives needs to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-dependent) and also needs to be compared to competitors to ensure that the planned objectives are more effective. Thus, we use SMART objectives to propose and guide our daily basic tasks, measure progress, analyze and improve our digital marketing strategy to evaluate effective methods and causes, and make fundamental changes that can improve the strategy. Mulvaney, James (2018).

In order to set appropriate goals, it is best to know the annual online revenue of the previous year. Therefore, EcoForest website may require analysis software such as Google Analytics, Marketo, Shopify or Hub Spot. If we can find key data such as how many visitors there are in a year, how many enquires there are from the website and how many of them have become customers, then we can conduct the right SMART objective for digital marketing. From my own perspective, I recommend EcoForest to use Google Analytics to find the exact list of data for the company year.

However, EcoForest is an emerging business in the market, so it has very few regular customers. Therefore, as a start-up company, we need more customers to gain greater market visibility. Therefore, our main goal is to increase our customer acquisition by 30% from the next year. The second goal is to increase site enquiries by 40%, because enquires can make more customers. I believe the second goal will support the first one. Finally, it is also necessary to increase the monthly sales revenue by 15% from existing customers to new customers. As there is no point in a company without high sales revenue.

In the previous task, I have studied market segmentation with marketing and differentiated positioning. Due to the targeted strategy, EcoForest’s target customers are people between the ages of 20 and 60 (people of this age will give time for health and well-being) and occupation would be Managers or management positions or senior positions or employ the elderly who can use part of their income for leisure. Thar, May University of Huddersfield. (2019). In addition, we focus on establishing business partnerships with some companies for further employees’ relaxation at EcoForest. And most importantly, we are targeting digital marketing. Therefore, our target customers will be at least familiar with the use of social media today.

In positioning strategy of the previous task, I chose a social media platform to promote more information about the business according to the data on how many people in the UK use social media by Mcgrory, Rose (2017). The data shows that over 30 million users between the ages of 20 and 40 use the Facebook channel most in the UK. In market segmentation, 70% of customers between the ages of 20 and 45, already familiar and in touch with the use of todays’ technology. Therefore, they are marked as the main target customers for any digital advertising. 25% of customers in the 46-50 age group are people who usually work in large international or local companies. Therefore, they may be aware of the use of e-mail. Therefore, we can use email marketing as a target in this age group. Among those aged between 51 and 60, the last 5% of the elderly are not very familiar with today’s technology. Therefore, we will continue to use traditional print media such as newspapers or magazines, especially for them. Thar, May University of Huddersfield. (2019).

Based on objectives 1 and 2, I plan to use the Facebook channel primarily. Especially when conducting B2C business, it is best to use Facebook, the company can directly contact customers. Therefore, using Facebook as a marketing tool for EcoForest can increase brand awareness and traffic, maintain existing customer’s participation, increase revenue, attract new customers and provide better customer support. In social media marketing, Facebook has many other ways to attract customers such as sponsored posts which will have advanced positioning features and options that allow companies to attract new customers to get brand impressions. For example, similar customers may use existing email lists, website visitors or the customer base to help attracting new business-related people. In addition, we can use organic methods such as Facebook groups and market influencers. Because EcoForest’s page can been seen in news feed if we use these presences with the company pages to improve content. Jacobson, B. e. n. (2018). I believe that if we can make full use of these strategies as a marketing channel, we will attract more traffic and establish brand awareness.

In addition, using Facebook, we can interact with customers and maintain their interests, build trust and even promote our services. We can post simple content to update our business at any time such as status, photos, recorded videos, Messenger robots and even real-time videos. Therefore, we will always remain active on the page.

According to Objective 1, Facebook can also be used to bring potential customers to sales. Therefore, if we use all the above techniques correctly, we will definitely have a great opportunity to increase our revenue. To create a high conversion rate campaign, we need to offer the right needs at the right time. Therefore, we need to build a channel that leads directly to the target customers on the page. This type of positioning involves identifying customers at each stage of the company’s marketing channel and tailoring marketing activities to end users accordingly. For example, use Facebook Ads Extension such as dynamic product ads which allows e-commerce merchants to sync their store inventory to track buyers, create product-specific advertising ideas and expand campaigns for different products. These ads automatically serve users browsing product pages without having to manually create campaigns for each page. Big Commerce. (2018).

Therefore, EcoForest may also use this type of advertising to promote our services. From my own point of view, I suggest using the Ads app as Big Commerce for advertising on Facebook and Instagram. This app offers business owners many options such as disruptive posting and content, advertising, selling on Facebook and Instagram and even generating money for content or apps (shown in Figure 1). We can also easily add our products or services, customize pages and even arrange tax rates with this app. For the page launching, EcoForest should pay more attention to advertising. Therefore, using this feature, we can promote our services through auto ads that appear on the user’s screen. In addition, with this application, we can measure enquires through our social network pages.

Another benefit of using Facebook is that if we continue this progress, EcoForest will be able to attract more customers (Objective 1). We can use Facebook as a support and retention channel for EcoForest like a service channel, in which customers don’t hate access like support tools. According to Objective 3, EcoForest will focus on publishing organic content with an emphasis on educating existing customers about our services and promotions. I believe this will take a proactive approach to serve customers and solve common customer problems. Both old and new customers can visit the EcoForest Facebook page for questions or reservations. In addition, we can use more direct and personalized communication to improve EcoForest customer support through Facebook. Facebook groups, human-led Messenger conversations and Massager bots offer many opportunities to talk to customers and solve problems. I believe that focusing on community discussions and hosting groups with member customers will enable EcoForest to establish a close relationship with them.

Figure 3 shown how CoSchedule added enticement to create and maintain subdivided user groups. Therefore, if EcoForest will able to do like this, it will be able to make communications easier. Group companies can directly contact the community to ask questions, provide information and provide support. In addition, participating client groups have the opportunity to help each other. For Messenger, customer service bots can allow customers to aggregate EcoForest’s information, otherwise they should conduct self-search. From my point of view, I presume customers can easily respond to support queries to understand the contents of the reservation without having to make a phone call and arrange a date. If EcoForest can provide the best customer service, it will satisfy existing customers and make them visit next time. This also applies to Objective 3.

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Ecoforest Leisure’s Digital Marketing SMART Objectives. (2021, May 27). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/ecoforest-leisures-digital-marketing-smart-objectives/

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