Research on Sports and Leisure Facilities in University.

Executive summary

The main theme of this report was the current facilities given by the universities. For the purpose of improving games facilities in university, we conduct survey from Superior University students for the purpose of improving sports facilities; student can enjoy more benefits from sports & built up university image via sports as well as Education. Our main survey finding in university was there are so much sports facilities are missing in university because lack of proper sports facilities , well trained coaches , separate place for female sports , sports budget etc. n survey we collect recommendation from Superior University Students that’s is to improve sports department & monthly basis plan for Sports activities .


Many sports facilities that can be provided in Superior university those are fruitful & healthy for students and university. Like

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  • Foot Ball
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Basket Ball

Most of the facilities are not provided by university for students because of not proper place like

  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Tug of war
  • Volley Ball

Our main object of this report is to give suggestions to sports department to buy new land for the purpose of sports.


This report’s objectives are to gather & collect all information about sports facilities in Superior University which could be provide, needed & healthy for students. Our surveys recommendations are fruitfully help the top management to take decisions about sports . For University Image we want to improve our sports department. The next point of our survey is the problems facing by students . By creating all how university and students can take benefit from those facilities which are right now under discussion.


Discussions were made in whole university and also in front of sports consultants. First of all that thing was needed that what type of facilities are existing in university. Then what type of sports facilities are needed by students and university is in range to provide.

  1. Existing Facilities: Question was put in front of students and analysis by us that what sports facilities university is providing in current. There are few facilities are available in university like a small and congested ground which cannot facilitate major sports, Sports like cricket, foot ball, field hockey, basket ball long tennis and others. In existing facilities there is no facility of indoor games, like table tennis badminton. Which are mostly favorite of students?
  2. Students view We made discussion with students about sports & we got negative response specially females about facilities given by university. Mostly students don’t know about our sports teams even they don’t know the head of sports department but some students appreciate & give positive response & suggestions to improve our sports department. There should be sports complex in which all kind of games can be played.

There should be monthly basis games to refresh the students. Student thinks that we should hired professional coaches who trained our students professionally in specific games for the purpose of good future of students in sports.


We enhance our Superior University image via sports facilities by providing the sports department for complete professional career at professional level. So many sports facilities are missing from Superior University premises. For good image Sports department also be well organize and having good structure. If above mentioned facilities will never properly provided it can weaken the strength of university, because sports is main part of university and all great players and sports men were produced from university level.


Proper ground for major sports

  • Facility given by sports complex
  • Professional Coaches
  • Providing Professional Training
  • Female sports
  • Providing Sports Equipments
  • Proper organize sports department
  1. Facility given by sports complex: Sports complex is a major need of every universities . so for the purpose of enhance our university image we want sports complex like hockey , Cricket etc.
  2. Professional Coaches: We need professional coaches for better improvement in our teams.
  3. Professional Trainings: To improve our team we want to conduct different training sections for the better performance of teams.
  4. Females Sports: After collecting sports information & survey from university female students, they show lot of excitement to take part in sports activities. So we want to facilitate our female students also.
  5. Providing Sports equipment: It’s responsibility of sports department to provide sports equipment for different games.


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