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Effective Ways to Develop Talent within Organization

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  • Pages 2
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    Describe three effective ways to develop talent within your current or former organization and how they would support the organization’s goals. List each organizational goal and whose responsibility it might be to develop the talent associated with that goal.

    Time Warner Cable Business Class has developed our account managers to take on a consultative approach when selling their business product. Prior to working at (TWCBC), I had very little sales knowledge. My background was customer service. We were trained to be effective sales individuals. What TWBC did was bring in a large group of trainees. They used an extensive sales training curriculum, to build our skills. Once we were able to take on daily incoming calls and meet our targeted daily/monthly quota. Management still felt we were leaving out opportunities. Now we have weekly one-on-one sessions (coaching), where we listen to the prior weeks calls to determine what our weakness or strengths are. This has been the most effective in my opinion, compared to the various trainings we have had in the last three years.

    My example above explains the how has been developed. It starts with HR/Training, First-line Managers and then the employee. Information above our talent had to be developed The three effective ways to develop talent within your current or former organization would be to develop an effective approach

    Goldsmith, M., & Carter L. (2010). Best practices in talent management: How the world’s leading corporations manage, develop, and retain top talent. San Francisco: Pfeiffer. Silzer, R., & Dowell, B. (2010). Strategy-driven talent management: A leadership imperative. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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