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In today’s world, rapid technological advancement has become a global phenomenon. Technology has seamlessly integrated into our lives, with the latest gadgets and gizmos infiltrating every aspect. These innovative devices provide entertainment options like games, texting, calls, media consumption, and more, making them highly sought after worldwide. Regrettably, teenagers’ excessive use of technology has adversely affected their ability to concentrate on studies and achieve academic success. This research aims to examine how gadgets impact high school students’ academic performance.

The study conducted at First Fruits Christian Academy aims to examine the influence of gadgets on high school students’ academic performance by monitoring their usage. It seeks to investigate the impact of gadgets and address the following inquiries:

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  1. What gadget is preferred most per level?
  2. What is the average spent time on gadgets?
  3. What are the effects of gadgets in the academic performance of FFCA High School students?
  4. What is the significant difference on the effects of gadgets to the academic performance of gr. 7 to 4th year students of First

The initial observations in this generation regarding the use of technology, specifically gadgets, have led the researcher to formulate the following hypothesis: The High School Level students in FFCA respond to gadgets.

  1. The most preferred gadget used is cellphone.
  2. The average time spent of gadgets is 3 hours.
  3. There are positive/negative effects of gadgets to the performance of FFCA Secondary Level Students.
  4. There are no effects of gadgets to the performance of FFCA Secondary Level Students.
  5. There is a significant relationship among the effects of gadgets in academic performance & the high school students of First Fruits Christian Academy.
  6. There is no significant relationship among the effects of gadgets in academic performance & the high school students of First Fruits Christian Academy.

The primary objective of this research is to educate students on the correct usage of gadgets and promote responsible behavior. Furthermore, it investigates how students handle and seek assistance in utilizing their gadgets.

At First Fruits Christian Academy, a study was conducted on the impact of gadgets on high school students’ academic performance. This study benefits both teachers and parents. For teachers, it provides the ability to monitor students’ gadget usage and receive guidance on controlling it, thus helping maintain academic performance. Similarly, parents gain insight into their child’s gadget usage and its effects on academics. This enables them to discipline their child accordingly and encourage prioritization of studies over gadgets.

Researchers are distributing answer sheets to specific high school students for observation and analysis. The objective is to assess how academic administration affects students’ attention and time management, particularly in reducing gadget usage. This study aims to offer improved guidance for students and enhance the school’s reputation. Moreover, parents can benefit from gaining a better understanding of their child’s academic performance, enabling more effective monitoring.

Review of Related Literature History of gadgets

Throughout history, gadgets have held significant value in our lives. Starting from the earliest days, our ancestors crafted tools to enhance their daily activities, establishing the foundation for the importance of gadgets in human existence. Gradually, individuals created an assortment of devices and appliances tailored to specific practical needs. Initially, these innovations were perceived as unfamiliar and faced skepticism or resistance due to people’s reluctance to embrace novel technologies.

The common attribute shared by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Leonardo da Vinci was their ability to foresee the future. They understood that dedicating their lives to experimenting with toys and seemingly trivial gadgets would eventually result in groundbreaking technology. It was through these gadgets that they laid the groundwork for electricity, communications, film, and flight – proving that these inventions were far more than mere novelties.

Another ancient gadget is the wheel which has been in use for thousands of years.

Discover the revolutionary influence of the automobile, an indispensable device for transportation. Similarly, the Apple iPhone is transforming communication and becoming a vital tool. Though not all gadgets are equal, they are built with state-of-the-art technology. These gadgets can be categorized into mechanical, electronic, programmable, and application devices. Mechanical gadgets include the wheel, pulley, bicycle, sailboat, thermometer, and more.

With the introduction of electricity, gadgets entered a new era as inventors explored the various possibilities of this newfound energy source. The television, radio, and quartz watch serve as illustrations of electronic gadgets. Following the emergence of electricity, inventors experimented with electronic data through microprocessors, thus initiating the era of programmable devices like computers. Later on, MP3 players and the iPhone further expanded this technological advancement. Additional examples of application gadgets include iTunes, Microsoft Office, and other computer programs that allow us to personalize our interaction with programmable devices.

Methodology Locale of the Study

This study was conducted at “First Fruits Christian Academy,” a non-sectarian school located in Hindangon Valencia City. The sources of data for this study were the high school students of FFCA, who were chosen as the most appropriate respondents due to their frequent use of gadgets. The research instrument used was a survey questionnaire that aimed to determine the effects of gadgets on their academic performance. This study employed a descriptive research design with questions specifically focusing on the impact of gadgets on the respondents.

The following actions were carried out:

  1. Preparation of questions mainly about their concepts on using gadgets
  2. Choosing sampling procedures for determining the respondents
  3. Questionnaires were given out
  4. Tabulation of the respondents answers for analysis
  5. Interpretation of the tabulation result.

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