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Egyptian Queens and Royal Blood Line

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The Queens played an important role in the establishment of the 18th dynasty. Queen Tetisheri started in the 17th dynasty. A dynasty is the sucession of hereditary rulers, from the same family. This was the beginning of New Kingdom Egypt. The importance of Queen Tetisheri was her royal blood line; although she did not come from royal blood parents. This was formed through the Old Kingdom Egypt’s royal bloodline. If you could trace yourself back to Tetisheri’s bloodline then you could be Queen.

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Egyptian Queens and Royal Blood Line
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Queen Tetisheri was the wife of seqenenre Tao the 1st. Seqenenre was a great warrior king. This shows that Seqenenre was in war at the time of Tetisheri’s ruling. This was because Egypt had just defeated the Hyksos and came to rule again in their new capital Thebes. Queen Tetisheri was also the mother of Seqenenre the 2nd. In Queen Tetisheri’s honour by her grandson Ahmose, she had a pyramid and chapel built in Abydos.

This shows the importance of Queen Tetisheri’s power. Her bloodline was the only proof anyone could become king or queen.

The importance of this evidence, with Ahmose honouring Queen Tetisheri with buildings is his proof of how much he respected his Grandmother which brought him back to the royal blood line, in which he could be King. Overall Queen Tetisheri played an important role of the Queens as she established the 18th dynasty. Queen Ahotepp II was the mother of Ahmose. Some evidence shows that she was also wife of Khamose, however we are not entirely sure. She was the daughter of Queen Tetisheri. Queen Ahotepp II has eveidence to show she played a military role in Egypt. Ahotepp II quelled rebellion in upper Egypt during the war of the Hyksos.

The Hyksos were a group of people who tried to take over and successfully did for quite some time. Although by the end of the 17th dynasty, Egypt had become a whole new place. Not only did Egypt have a new outlook for their country they also had a new capital, Thebes. Queen Ahotepp II cared for Egypt, she was also honoured by her son Ahmose. He also honoured and respected his mother. He did this by giving her gifts, which was also found on her. These gifts included bracelets, chains, mirrors. Weapons such as an axe, dagger and model ships were also found. This shows that Queen Ahotepp II played a political role in the New Kingdom Egypt.

Queen Ahotepp’s II achievements were also found in a stele. A stele is an ancient stone slab or pillar usually engraved. Queen Ahotepp was an important Queen in 18th Dynasty. She played a military role which is shown to be important as it brought success and wealth into Egypt. Ahmose Nefiteri was Daughter of Queen Ahotepp II and Sequenenre II. Ahmose Nefiteri is known to be one of the most important Queens in the 18th dynasty, this was because she was titled as the “God’s wife Amun”. Although there is not much evidence with Queen Ahmose Nefitari, her importance is shown through her title.

Her husband King Ahmose repeatedly stated her importance as she was the Gods wife, this brought not only his importance but Queen Ahmose Nefiteri. She was also said to live to an old age. Queen Ahmose Nefiteri played a religious role in the 18th Dynasty. Ahmen Ahotep the first honours Queen Ahmose Nefiteri with a separate temple located in Thebes. Queen Ahotepp Nefiteri was an important queen in the 18th dynasty and did play a large spiritual role. In conclusion, the three queens Tetisheri, Ahottep the 2nd and Ahmose Nefiteri all played an important role in the establishment of the 18th dynasty for many reasons stated.

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