Why Royal Caribbean is the Best Cruise Line for Hospitality

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In my assignment I am going to tell you why this Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, has caught my eye for the hospitality segment. I am going to list and explain some trends that are on this cruise that attract people to continue to return to cruises, and usually love them so much. Service on cruises are extremely important as well because of the large number of people in one place, for large periods Of time. Cruises can affect many different industries in many different ways, between what the offer on the ruise and the different places they visit.

So my goal on this paper is to help explain the role of Cruise Lines in the Hospitality Industry. I am interested in the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line for my hospitality segment because cruises have to entertain and feed hundreds to thousands of the same people for days at a time. Yes, they offer activities when they dock, but for the time when there are at sea, the need different things to entertain the guests. This cruise ship has things for children, teens, or young adults, to things for adults. There are family activities offered.

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You can choose rom doing something relaxing to getting active, and each option you choose, has many more activities to choose from. Also being on a cruise, not only do you look for things to do to occupy your time, but you also Katie 2 don’t want to be eating the same thing every night, or having limited options to what you like to eat. So to appeal to everyone, the need multiple restaurants, in different food cultures on board. Not only does the cruise ship have to plan activities to entertain their guests, have a variety of food options, they need to find attractions where they want to dock to invite the passengers o see new areas.

One of the Trends of the Royal Caribbean is entertainment. This cruise offers many different types of attractions and shows. As shown on the cruises page, if you go to Things To Do , this option gives you more options to choose from. From getting active to just stores, and things to make you smile. A few activities that caught my eye were under the Get Active , has Rock Climbing, under The Spa you can get facials to massages, and clicking on the Shop tab. You can see top designer stores to art galleries. Trend Two of the Royal Caribbean would be your dining ptions .

As you can see on this page, they have a few different categories of dining, but also choices on what type of food you want. If you take a cruise with a partner, you may want a night of a one on one dinner, and both want fish. This ship offers a sushi restaurant And for this childs eye of this, there is also a donut shop. So between offering a sushi restaurant to a donut shop, you know there are many other options in between. They also offer Room service. As it says on their page, room service is available 24/7, but benneen midnight to 5am there is a service charge of $3. . Katie 3 The last trend is for those who want a fun night ata casino . If you are one of those people that never really played poker at tables but always play online, this casino have Video Poker. So you are still within your comfort zone and still having fun. This casino offers Poker (video and table), Roulette, Craps, Reel Slots (also available in video), and a few other card games. There is also a seminar on learning the ropes to the games, so you can go in prepared. This industry effects others by offering them a chance with business, if they work together.

When the ship docks, the passengers can get Off and visit the area, so really the cruise also attracts tourists. So when this ship docks, tourists will want to buy something from the area, have a tour of the area, or if its a tropical area, some may want to go down to the beach. So before the cruise starts, the company will figure out where they are going to stop, and can call tourist groups in the area and make up plans on the day the plan on docking. So really because of the cruise, businesses in the area are getting profit from the tourists on board.

There are different career options for this industry. If you want to stay on land, you can be working in Miami, Florida, other areas of the United States and Canada. This is only for the corporate offices. This cruise has about 20 different ships, visiting 5 continents, that all need employees. So there are many different options to apply for. I chose this because it caught my eye. Who doesn’t want to go on a cruise? And with it being family friendly, its something you can bring your kids to, unlike casinos. Yes there are casinos on board, but its something you can easily do while your kids are in bed.

So not only would you be getting a vacation, but you get o see different cultures because you are visiting 5 Katie 4 continents after all, and you get to enjoy all the activities on board one of the largest cruises. This cruise also offers amazing deal. There is one deal right now, if you book a cruise this weekend for February through May, the second guest is 50% off and up to $250 in spending money. So not only do you get to go on a relaxing cruise, you get to bring someone along for cheap and get up to $250 in spending money, but you get to try different foods, and see different areas you may not have thought about visiting before.

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