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Energy Crises In Pak

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Eassy Outline of Energy Crisis in Pakistan Essay Energy Crisis in Pakistan:

A very common question asked in Pakistan is about the most burning issue in Pakistan? The answer you will get may be a list of hundreds of issues which start from Kashmir and will end on terrorism or militancy etc. Recently, Mr. Mansha, a renowned businessman, in an interview in CNN replied same question by giving a simple answer that water and energy are two most valid problems in Pakistan.

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Energy Crises In Pak
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With its immense socio-economic ramifications, the prevalent energy crisis has become a critical issue for Pakistan. It is not only preventing people from carrying on their daily routine, it is also depriving many of their livelihoods. Currently, the country faces the power deficit of 3500 Megawatt that will enlarge in the near future if effective measures are not taken. Energy crisis is a global phenomenon; it remained on the history pages during different era and with different backgrounds. The Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) is a semi-autonomous body for the development of schemes in Water and Power Sectors, that failed to materialize the growing demand of energy in Pakistan.

There are many factors of this crisis in Pakistan, ranging from poor management to global rising oil prices. It has impacted the society in large scale in the guises of unemployment, poor living standards, loss in production and much more. Effective management, check and balance in the transmission and distribution system, opening of new projects and public awareness is the need of the time to bridle this storm. Many projects of dams and hydropower plants construction are in the pipeline by the Government with a ray of hope that this problem will be resolved in the future. But, implementation and timely response is of urgent need.

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