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Energy Resources

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Energy conservation helps ensure available resources for future generations and also helps prevent pollution. Most of our current energy sources today are not renewable, which means that they will eventually deplete. As a member of the Home Owner’s Association I believe that it is extremely important for us to educate our community about the importance of energy conservation. Teaching the community that energy is not a right but a privilege will educate, empower, and make us aware of the importance of reserving our resources.

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Energy Resources
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I strongly believe that education will encourage us all to do our part in conserving energy. Most people are unaware of the amount of energy used and the negative effect it has on the environment. As board members it is our responsibility to share this information for the better of our community. There are two types of energy resources: renewable and non-renewable. Sun, wind, water and geothermal energy are all forms of renewable energy sources.

These are all self-sustaining sources that replenish over time.

Using renewable resources is safer for the environment and the health of the community. Oil, natural gas, and coal are nonrenewable resources. Once used up they can’t be replaced. As a result of using these sources so frequently, pollution is created when oil and coal are used for energy. There are ways that we can contribute personally to energy conservation while improving the environment at the same time.

Some ways to conserve energy in your home are: turning off or unplugging electronics, lights, and appliances when they are not in use; replacing filters on air conditioners on a regular basis; walking, bicycling or car pooling; reducing, recycling, and reusing. All of these suggestion help to prevent the emissions of toxins and other pollutants in the air. Government conservation efforts include mass transportation systems, implementing sustainable energy plans, and educating the public about the importance of conserving resources.

Energy plans and informational tools educate the community on how to use energy wisely and productivity as opposed to wasting it. In conclusion, conserving energy is not a one person effort; it will take a community to make a substantial difference. I believe that as members of this Home Owner’s Association, a change in the community will start with us. It is our responsibility as individuals and as a community to be more thoughtful of our actions, in doing so we have the potential to make a positive impact on the environment as well as teach others to follow suit.

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