Enrique Journey Essay

Enrique’s journey has taken him over 7 years to find his mother. Throughout his journey Enrique runs into trouble with authorities that take all his money and belongings, as well as thief’s who try to steal from migrants. Enrique cannot find trust in anyone because even if the authorities are robbing migrants, then they can’t be trusted. This government issue is hanging on a thread while, the government is not doing anything to help the migrants find their place in the world.

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When Enrique is 5 years old, his mother Lourdes moves to America to find a job to send back home to her home town of Mexico so that Enrique is able to go to school, and eat better food. As he gets older, he starts to beg for his mother to come back and feels lonely without her presence. He sets off on his Journey towards America to find his mother, and in the process runs into trouble with the authorities as well as muggers who take migrant’s belonging for themselves.

His journey to find his mother is a test of his will power, faith, luck, and persistency to continue to his goal.

With gritty determination and will to be by this mother’s side, he continues his journey despite of him failing many times to cross the border to find his mother. Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario represents the dedication, and persistence of a young boy longing to find his mother across the border of Mexico to the United States of America, as well as the obscured rugged government control over migrants, its use of real life examples give the readers an idea of how life is for migrants crossing the border to start their new life.

Enrique’s journey is the story of a teenage boy who migrates to reunite with his mother in the United States. Although he reaches his mother in the end, the scars of his cruel travels remain: bruises from beatings, his thin body is the result of near starvation; and of course, the emotional trauma of feeling like his mother abandoned him. For Enrique, knowing how dangerous migration is only motivated him to meet his mother faster. He met people along the way that fell off trains, lost a leg, an arm, or their lives; people that he had shared food with, talked with- but stopping to help them would not help him reach his goal.

He met others who looked out for him, and he in return looked out for them. As a whole, migration has positive effects on the entire culture, such as cheap labor, and racial diversity. As for the individual like Enrique, there is better health care and education, faster financial gain, and overall a better life. For the mothers, once they reunite with their children, they find them bitter and quick to accuse. They wonder if migrating was the right thing to do, or if, as Belky says, “The love of a mother is something you cannot replace with anything else,” not even money for food, toys, or clothes.

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