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The Importance of Good Education in Modern World

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In our society it is a good education that will insure success for people. Individuals who have a good education will help understand the world, the economy, and build a stable life. Believe education is important even in the beginning kindergarten years because this is when kids will learn good studying habits. It is especially important when you continue on to college. College is where many people choose their major and the career path they want to go in. My older sister is responsible for my belief in receiving a good education.

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The Importance of Good Education in Modern World
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Both of my parents went to college but did not graduate; my sister was the first in my family to graduate from college with a degree. It was not until recent years that I realized the true importance of education. When I finished high school my sister encouraged me to go to college. She showed me that graduating from college with a degree would give me many opportunities in career choices.

Peace I believe in practicing inner peace. Inner peace is important to me because see too many people stressing everyday about things that are really not that important in the grand scheme of everything.

People stress about things that are completely out of their control such as traffic on the freeway. People also focus too much on what they don’t have instead of appreciating what is right in front of them. These ides might seem like obvious concepts to follow but I still see so many people giving into their stresses in life. My beliefs in promoting and practicing inner peace are a result from learning from my father’s habit. My dad is very good at letting things go. He has the ability to realize that sometimes things are out of your control and the est. thing to keep peace his life is to let it go.

I think the best way to practice peace is to accept that things will not always go the way I want. And when they don’t go the way I want I remind myself that life can’t always be perfect. Once people accept this idea they can live with less stress in their life and more peace. Ambition I advocate for encouraging ambition in myself and everyone around me. Ambition to me means going after the things you want and always striving to do the best you can at whatever you attempt.

I think it’s important o have confidence that in yourself so you can be motivated to accomplish your goals. In addition to encouraging myself to have ambition, I believe in inspiring others to have ambition as well. I think encouraging the people around you to go after the things they desire is a way to show them you care about seeing them succeed. Again, this belief is the result of my father’s own habits. I have always seen my father have a strong drive to always better himself, his career, and family. He keeps himself motivated at anything he attempts.

I think this is n important trait to have because there may not always be someone else that will inspire you to do the things you want. Therefore it is important to be your own motivation. Most importantly, my father taught me that I could be that motivation for other people. Sometimes people get too caught up in themselves and become competitive with those around them. I believe people should encourage each other to do their best. Family I believe in family. Family is important because without family I wouldn’t have been able to learn all the things have listed above.

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