Assignment example #3

Even though his reasons are important not to support the investment in education may be true but if we have educated individuals we will be able to cut everything said by Dry. Faction. The economic weakness would improve. Educating men and women would definitely help society with crime and poverty level. People would be busy educating themselves, learning, and maturing would put close to a stop to crime. It would be chain, parents would be able to educate homeless, educated their children and so on.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research there are many effects of education on health. Their statistics have an additional four years of education lowers five-year mortality by 1. 8 percentage points; it also reduces the risk of heart disease by 2. 16 percentage points and the risk of diabetes by 1. 3 percentage points. Giving this information to Dry. Faction would make him think twice about not investing a little more on education. People being educated not only will improve their health on the long run but will also help others with their health.

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Education in general can teach you problem solving, reasoning, adaptability, how to evaluate situations and how to be self-reliant this can contribute to lessen crime. If more adults and even young adults are being educated it can reduce crime eventually. People will more likely be able to handle any life experience. The more educated the person is the better opportunities they will have available and people will be more equipped to deal with any taxation that arises.

Education is very important in helping to improve lives especially in order to break the cycle of poverty. Education will not avoid poverty but certainly will improve poverty. Educating men and especially women will make a great impact to poverty. For example, according to Pauline Rose in the Debate newspaper young girls in sub-Sahara Africa and in South and West Asia marriage affects one in eight girls and one in seven gives birth by the age of seventeen. She also mentions that their analysis shows that if all girls in sub-

Sahara Africa and South and West Asia had primary education, there would be 14 percent fewer child marriages. If all girls received a secondary education, 64 percent fewer girls would be locked into marriage at an age when they should still be in school. Eventually everything comes down to education. Investing in education is very important affecting human beings health, crime and poverty levels. It is wiser to invest in the education of the future workforce than to suffer the consequences.

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