The Importance of Learning English in the Modern Era

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Last year, my friend, who did not speak English, went to the USA. When he arrived at the IAD airport, he had a big problem. A customs official asked him, “Why are you here?”, and he answered, “I am a tourist”. Unfortunately, he pronounced it wrongly; he pronounced it as a terrorist. Therefore, he was taken to a private room and interrogated for ten hours. He was afraid, and he wished he had not come until he could speak English efficiently. Thus, it is important to learn the English language because it is a requirement of communication, career, and education. The first thing that is important to learn English language is the communication. People need to communicate with each other and with electronic machines. Besides, many people like traveling to another country in which their language is not spoken for touring or doing a job, so they should know some English to contact with different people. For example, they need to make reservations in hotels, talk with waiters in restaurant, etc.

English is always the appropriate way to do that because it is considered as a global language, and many facilities use it as main language. Also, if they want to tour, English is the most useful for that. On the other hand, most electronic devices such as computers, TVs, mobiles, etc. use English as the main language in their system. In short, to be able to communicate with most people, learning English is the best choice. In addition, speaking English offers many chances in people’s careers. If a person has another language as English, which is the most popular language in the world, he will be able to communicate with different employers and customers. Therefore, having English as a second language will support you during your work life. For example, you will get higher rank in your job. Earning a high salary, as another example is one of the English benefits on your job. On the other hand, English becomes the main requirement for job in many countries though those people do not speak English. It can be noticed that in many companies’ requirement everywhere because they want employee who can communicate with different language. In addition, they want employees who have good English, so they can send them to other countries to attend meeting or conferences. Shortly, to increase your chances to have a good job and improve your career, you should have satisfactory English proficiency.

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Most importantly, it has been seen that many school curricula are based on English, so you must learn it to do well during your studying by many ways. First, you can understand the terms of the subject especially when you read the textbooks; they have many terms in English, even though it is written in a different language, such as mathematics textbooks, programming and biology. Second, when you speak English and understand it, you are able to contact your teachers because they often speak English in lectures and write their notices in English. For instance, my brother in law, who is studying in France, is studying in English. In short, to be able to pass undergraduate or graduate, you should have a sufficient grasp of the English language. In conclusion, learning English is very important these days to have good communication, careers, and education. Therefore, it will be good for anyone to learn English, and it is suitable for everybody everywhere. Thus, it is predicted that English will become a global language, although there is a competition from other languages like Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.

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