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In my self-reflection on the oral presentation, I acknowledge that feedback from reviewers was mixed and often contradictory. Some praised our clarity and eye contact while others criticized it. I believe that we should have prepared more thoroughly, as evidenced by the problems with the PowerPoint slides being out of sync with our speeches. The PowerPoint itself was also criticized for being too bland or overcrowded with information. As presenters, we failed to move around and engage with the audience, relying too much on the lectern. Our use of supporting notes and eye contact could also have been improved with more practice. However, overall, we received a strong reaction from the audience with the mockup flyers for our project.

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Self Reflection for Oral Presentation. Initially, I would like to mention that the feedback received for the presentation was quite varied and offered differing opinions. For instance, some reviewers mentioned that there was poor eye contact throughout the presentation, while others disagreed with this observation. Similarly, there were contrasting views on the clarity and volume of our speech. Half of the reviewers felt that the presentation was too softly spoken and not clear, while the other half praised our clarity. It is possible that these differences in feedback are due to variations in the eye contact maintained by different speakers or due to someone not speaking clearly. However, it is difficult to determine whether the feedback is directed towards individuals or the group as a whole. This range of opinions will… show more content…

We collaborated effectively, but we postponed our final preparation until the last moment. This is evident from the part of my speech where the PowerPoint slides did not match what I was saying. This issue also arose in other sections where we were uncertain about when to advance to the next slide. If we had practiced beforehand, we could have prevented this problem and achieved a more seamless transition between slides and speakers.

Regarding the PowerPoint, all the reviewers agreed that it was either dull and uninteresting or excessively packed with information. If we had invested more time in making it visually appealing and condensing the content, we would have captivated the audience better. As presenters, we didn’t engage with the audience as much as we should have. There were comments about us either hiding behind the lectern or remaining stationary, and I completely agree with that.

We did not make many gestures towards the audience or our slides. There are conflicting reviews on our use of supporting notes and eye contact. Reading off our notes needs improvement, but more practice together could have fixed this. The audience had a strong reaction, receiving a fair amount of praise, to our construction and distribution of mockup flyers for our project.

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