Acceptability of Food trucks to Filipino Diners Chapter Analysis

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People can do many things in just one click because of the modern technology that provides everyone advantages. It can transform a simple thing into another one just like the emergence of food trucks from the old way of eating in Food truck is a mobile food service that is equipped to cook restaurants. d sell foods that offers a gourmet cuisine, specialties and ethnic menus prepared by chefs just like in the restaurants. Food trucks are said to be originated and evolved from the push carts in the late 1 7th century that are found in the large cities in east coast of the united States of America. In the year 1866, Charles Goodnight, a rancher and the “father of the Texas Panhandle”, prepared for a cattle drive and he found out how to cook well while on the road using a durTABLE US army service wagons. It is equipped with kitchen amenities, wooden box shelves and drawers where he can store his itchen wares.

The cook’s work station is a hinged lid opened up and it has a TABLE to serve food. Food items that are easy to preserve are stored in the bed of wagon. This wagon served cowboys and urban workers until it was called as “chuck wagons” because to the cowboys, “chuck” was the slang word for good and hearty food. This Mobile food truck is also known as “reach coaches. ” Food Truck traditionally provided a means for on-the-go person to grab a quick bite at a low cast in the big cities of the US. Their popularity continues to rise and spread all over the world until it also invades the Philippines.

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Philippines are known for its street foods and Filipinos are known for being street food lovers because aside from its delicious taste, street foods are also affordTABLE and easy to find. It is sold by the vendors using their food carts on wheels along the large cities of the Philippines. It became more popular in 80’s and 90’s. It boom sparked the appetite of hungry’ customers especially the Filipinos and it brightens the entrepreneurs for revolutionary idea that took the mobile food industry to a whole new level wherein they have decided that it was time to upgrade both the food and the heels.

From food carts on wheels, it evolved into Jolly Jeeps wherein jeepneys are used in selling and from the jolly jeeps, food trucks emerged. Guactruck is the one who brought the first food truck in Manila. They are the first one who designed a food truck by having distinctive moustache and graphics loaded panels on its truck together with their meals served in a cardboard origami flower box and cutlery. As the time goes by, these food trucks are continuing to grow especially in the large cities and regions in the country and it is now getting the attention of the many Filipino diners.

This study will be conducted to assess the acceptability offood trucks to Filipino diners in terms of presentation, flavor, portion size and price. Another reason for conducting this study is to determine the problems encountered by the respondents to food trucks. Conceptual Framework The conceptual framework follows the input-process-output (IPO) system that shows on how the researchers undertake the study. The Input (I) in the figure shows readings taken from books, journals, magazines and internet.

It also shows that the researchers want to assess the acceptability of ood trucks to Filipino diners in terms of presentation, flavor, portion size and price and problems encountered. The Process (P) consists of gathered data and information through survey questionnaire, statistical treatment of data and interpretation in textual and tabular form. The Output (O) shows the accepTABLE food trucks to Filipino diners. Input Process Output Readings taken Gathering of Data from books, and information journals, through: magazines and internet Survey Questionnaire Assessment of the food trucks among Filipino diners in terms AccepTABLE

Food Trucks to Filipino of: Statistical Treatment Diners Presentation of the data Flavor Portion Size price Analysis and Interpretation of problems data in textual Encountered Feedback and tabular form Figure 1 . The Conceptual Paradigm of the Study Statement of the Problem The study aims to assess the acceptability of food trucks to Filipino Diners. Furthermore, the study seek answers to the following sub-problems: 1 . How do the respondents assess the acceptability of food trucks to Filipino Diners in terms of: 1. 1 Presentation; 1. 2 Flavor; 1. Portion size and . 4 price? 2. Is there a significant difference to the assessment of the respondents as to the acceptability of food trucks to Filipino diners when grouped to establishments? 3. What are the problems encountered by the respondents to the food trucks? Hypothesis This study hypothesizes that there is no significant difference to the assessment of the respondents as to the acceptability of food trucks to Filipino Diners when grouped according to establishments. Scope and Limitations of the Study The following study is limited to the following scope:

The study assess the acceptability of Food Trucks to Filipino diners in terms Of presentation, flavor, portion size and price. There are 100 respondents will be composed of Filipino diners. The study will be conducted in Makati City. The time frame of the study will be from June 201 5 to February 2016. Significance of the Study The study will benefit the following: Researchers. It will help the researchers and to accomplish course requirements and also give them more knowledge and information concerning the sustainability of Food Trucks and other part of hospitality ndustry.

Management. The study is expected to bring new idea for the Food truck operations and in upgrading and improving their products and services they provide through feedbacks of their customers especially the Fi lipino di ners for them to be TABLE to meet their satisfaction. Customers. To give them new ideas for the important factors of food trucks to be a destination in the area and get there feed back in the services and food they provide for the customers especially to the Filipino Diners. Future Researchers.

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