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A Rethorical Analysis of Bono

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A rhetorical analysis Bono’s acceptance speech to the NAACP Bono Vox, Co-founder of DATA (Debt AIDS Trade Africa) and lead singer of U2, in his commencement speech to NAACP, Bono’s speech is full of passion and hopes to mean inspire people to do as he did, and fight for a change. Bono’s purpose is to inspire people to make a difference in this world. He adopts an informal tone in order to connect with and motivate his primary audience, and to engage his secondary audience to the rest of the world.

“Well today the world looks again to the NAACP.

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A Rethorical Analysis of Bono
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We need the community that taught the world about civil rights to teach it something about human rights”(3) Bono used these phrases to hit a spot in the audience, to make them feel that his purpose is not to just help a group of people, but rather to help the world. “We can be the generation”, People can make a change, and people can actually put an end to poverty in Africa.

It might be expensive but it is possible. Bono’s acceptance speech uses emotions in many to show a strong point of view. As the speech starts we can see Bono using a humorous approach to the introduction of his speech. 1) He says, “Wow. Shee! Tyra banks you are gorgeous! I was a finalist in Ireland’s Next Top Model. ” He uses humor to get the audience in a comfortable position. “I’m also – you know, when people talk about the greatness of America, I just think of the NAACP, that what I think of, it genuinely comes to my head”.

Bono uses Logos here by comparing the NAACP to America; he is catching the audience’s attention by referring to the NAACP as something much bigger and better than an organization to help people. Bono is saying that the NAACP is as big as America, and does great things like America does. Nearly a million Africans most of them children dying every year from malaria. Death by mosquito bite. This is not about charity, as you know here in this room. This is about justice; it’s about justice and equality. ” (3) Bono uses pathos to draw the audience in to a more serious and more emotional state. He is trying to help Africa with many things like mosquito bite, AIDS etc.. This hit hard telling the audience people in Africa are dying, by telling the crowd that we can help by joining the movement to end extreme poverty and in the end that help to live a longer life.

Bono uses Ethos by getting a little religious during his speech. He says that, (7) “God, my friends, is with the poor, and God is with us if we are with them. ” He is trying to tell the people in the audience that even though the people in Africa are dying every second and going hungry every single day, God is with them. He uses “God” to tell the audience if they help out with the movement for Africa then God will be with them. He is saying that God will help them through their lives and will help them touch the people they are trying to help.

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