Reflection on Atty. Leni Robredo’s Speech Speech Analysis

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The writer reflects on their personal experience of losing a loved one, and how difficult it can be to accept their passing. They express regret at not being able to spend more time with their loved one before they died. They compare their experience to that of Atty. Leni Robredo, who was able to remain strong and continue living her life after her husband’s death. They admire the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, who was a good husband, father, and public official, and believe that good deeds will be rewarded. The writer concludes by emphasizing the importance of showing love to our loved ones and doing good for our country.

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It is very hard for someone to accept the fact that our treasured loved one was already dead. The day before my elementary graduation, my grandfather also died and it was hard for me to accept. But this is the life, so we should hold on tight and move on. It’s just saddening that I was not beside him on his last few hours. Just like Atty. Leni Robredo; the wife of the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo; she continues to lived on life.

She was able to stand in front of the big crowd inspite of the tragic happened to their family; she manages to be brave. Atty. Leni Robredo was indeed very lucky to have a good and loving husband. Her husband is a great father to her children; he was also an outstanding public official who dedicated his worthy time for the benefit and good of our country. He fully deserved the award given to him. Truly, good deeds would genuinely be rewarded.

For an outstanding public official like him, it is truly hard to forget him. In our everyday life, we should always tell and show our love to our loved ones before it’s too late so that we would not have any regrets in the end. We must maintained our good relationship with our family. And just like Jesse Robredo; we should also be a good example. We must also do good for our country; for the Republic of the Philippines as well as for the people of the Philippines.

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