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Brasil Foods And Bimbo Cases

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  • Pages 2
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    What are he remaining challenges for the merger to be successful? (analyze performance and risk in the domestic market, looking at ratios in comparison to JBS) c. Analyze Brasil food key resources and competitive advantage in the Brazilian market. What is the rmain strategy of Brasil Foods in Brazil? Is it based on cost or differentiation? d. As CEO of Brasil Foods, how would you prioritize: Rationalizing the domestic business? Developing a single Brasil Foods culture? Establishing new export markets? Develop production abroad? (consider both business segments for your answer) 2.

    International expansion: a. What are the key markets for International expansion of BRF? What is the performance of BRF international division in comparison to Brazil? b. What are the main recommendations for further expansion? (Where? How? ) Deadline: 22nd of April Criteria of evaluation: Form: 30 % 30 Readability, spelling, style, structuration key elements of the work 15 contents: 70 % 15 Ability to stress the Quality of the organization and plan of the presentation 10 Quality of logical links between causes and consequences 10 Relevance of answers to the questions of the case

    What are the general trends in the macro environment that can affect Bimbo’s businesses in Mexico, the USA and Brazil? (make a distinction between bread and sweet products) 3- Sector profitability: a. Is packaged bread and sweet snacks sectors global or multi local? Why are packaged bread and sweet snacks’ profitability much lower in Brazil and in the USA in comparison to Mexico? How would you assess (roughly) the profitability of those sectors in China and in Spain? 4- Analyze 5 forces and KFS of both sectors in each country and key resources f Bimbo for each market: a.

    In Brazil i. How would you propose to address the challenges that Grupo Bimbo faces in Brazil? b. In the United States in the United States? c. In China i. Should Bimbo Group be going to China? Why or why not? If Grupo Bimbo continues its expansion in China, what (if anything) would you change about their strategy there? (Be specific about which actions you would take and which problems those actions would solve, please connect tightly the answers to those questions to insights gained in questions 1).

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