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Essay – Common law and The Bible

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Assignment Common Law Common law is based on the bible, stare decides and precedent. Basically what this means Is that common law is recognized as law even if It is not actually written in the books. For example common law marriage Is recognized when a couple lives together for so long even if they do not have an actual marriage license(Miller & Jennet, 2010).

Jurisdiction Jurisdiction is the authority of the court to hear a case. For example federal court hears federal laws, where a state court hears states laws and a civil court hears civil cases.

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Essay – Common law and The Bible
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State courts would never hear federal Issues because of Jurisdiction(Miller & lent, 2010). Precedent The best way that I can think of to describe precedent is that if someone went to prison for stealing now, but a case from the past Is brought up where someone committed the same exact crime but did not get a prison term, this case could be brought up as precedent in order to change the prison sentencing(Miller & Jennet, 2010). Statue A statue Is a law that is enacted by federal and state legislature. Statues laws are also written by private parties.

These laws are deferent from common laws because hose laws have actually been written by legislature. I personally love watching the ID discovery channel; I recently watched an episode about Tracy Thurman. Tracy Thurman lived in Connecticut and the police failed to protect her from her husband after he repeatedly broke the no contact order and abused her. Because of this the Thurman Law was enacted In order to make sure domestic abuse vellums are protected(Gore, 2011). Remedy A legal remedy is the solution to a legal problem. There are different types of remedies for different situations.

For example If someone were to sue someone for n accident, then the remedy would be financial compensation. Another example would child support. When a parent files for child support, the court sets a certain amount that must be paid(Miller &Jentz, 2010). 1 OFF Gore, D. R. (2011, August 13). Landmark domestic violence legislation: Tracey Thurman vs.. Darlington, CT is there a downside? Retrieved from http://downrange. Com/ 2011108/13/madman-domestic-violence-legislation-Tracey-Thurman-vs.-Darlington-CT- is-there-a-downside/ Miller, R. L. , & Jennet, G. A. (2010). Fundamentals of business law: summarized cases(8th deed. ).

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