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The “Daily Bible Study”

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  • Pages 3
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    After reading chapter 11 of , I was very motivated to begin studying the Bible in different ways than I have before! This chapter highlights different methods of Bible study that can help a Bible student grasp the Scriptures in a well-rounded way. The chapter begins by introducing the idea of creating a “toolbox” as a Bible student. The toolbox will be filled with resources and devices that will aid in understanding the Scriptures. The first tool that is suggested is a study Bible that will help clarify the Bible texts being studied. “It will draw your attention to the elements that are most important for understanding the text”. The second tool recommended is the use of varying Bible translations that can help the student understand passages and individual words more fully by using a different set of phrases and wording that create the same story or meaning.

    The third tool that is suggested is the use of an Illustrated Bible Dictionary because it visually displays information and facts about Bible characters, places, topography of the locations, and events. This is useful for students because it will help them understand background information and context of the particular area they are studying. The fourth tool suggested is the use of a Bible Handbook. This will provide an overview or explanation of each book of the Bible. “It will also usually discuss the book’s theological themes and historical background” The fifth tool recommended is the Concordance. The textbook explains, “A concordance helps identify the number of times a particular word is used in the Bible, where that word is found throughout the Bible, and what other Greek or Hebrew words are related to it”.

    Concordances help the Bible student make detailed searches into specific words and their origins. A better understanding of the historical background of certain stories and parables can be attained using a concordance. The textbook also recommends using Bible Software Programs in order to easily navigate a large database rather than having to use a physical concordance. The sixth tool suggested is the One-Volume Commentary which will help the student in developing an overview or main idea of the topic they are studying. It helps the student to check their work and make sure that the thoughts they are formulating make sense according to the complete Scripture.

    Finally, three last tools are recommended for a Bible student. The seventh tool is an Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words. This is will help the student to understand terminology and language in the Bible and see how certain words from the Bible were meant to be interpreted in their original language. It also helps students understand the meaning of words contextually, as certain words were used for different purposes. Several dictionaries are recommended in the textbook, like the The Holman Bible Atlas. The eighth and final tool recommended is The “Notebook” Bible which is a study Bible or “journaling Bible” that can be used for personal, devotional study at home . It has room for the student to make notes and marks that will help them to remember what they are studying and how it applies to their life.


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